Jim McGinley joins Dr. Bunny in Santa Clara, California, at Brendon Burchard’s World’s Greatest Speaker seminar, to discuss a very inspirational story.

Jim’s story begins with hope, or actually, lack of hope. Jim’s son, Ryan, who was a freshman in high school at the time, had been sick for about a month and was very behind. Ryan felt like there was no hope of ever getting caught up and finishing his school year. Jim mentored his son through this whole process of completing his school work, one step at a time, and watched his son go from being despondent and hopeless, to being a positively charged & inspired young man. Ryan went on to proceed through high school with amazing grades and even graduated college with honors!

Jim has learned that if you give a person the “Why”, they will will figure out the “How”!

When Ryan saw that Jim believed in him, he believed in himself. It was quite a learning experience and Jim realized that all kids need someone to believe in them, and someone to tell them they CAN DO IT!

It’s amazing what young people can achieve when they realize there’s someone behind them, rooting for them & saying “You can do it!”.

An inspiring & uplifting story!

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