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Ask Dr. Bunny. How do you stay so young? Dr. Johannes Ramirez, guest



Dr. Johannes Ramirez joins Dr. Bunny for a fascinating and informative discussion on staying young, Women’s health care, Men’s health care, SculpSure (the latest non-invasive fat reduction option), bio-identical hormones, testosterone therapy for men – and so much more.

Lots of great info that everyone needs to know!

About Dr. Johannes Ramirez

At Women’s Care Center in Oxnard, Camarillo, California, Dr. Johannes Ramirez is a leading provider of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He specializes in female reproductive health issues, weight loss, and gynecological health issues as well as testosterone replacement treatment for men and women.

Dr. Ramirez has a Master’s in Physiology and Neurobiology and over 20 publications in print. He has been a practicing OB/GYN for 28 years and has the unique experience and qualifications which blend together to provide a cohesive approach to patient care. He stays abreast of the latest developments in women’s health issues and renews his certification with the American College of OB/GYN board annually.

The practice is committed to staying up-to-date with new developments in obstetrics and gynecology and informing patients through consultation and regular educational seminars. Dr. Ramirez can help with a variety of issues.

Dr. Ramirez and his staff are also dedicated to helping their patients lose weight in a way that takes into account their own personal needs and medical profile. A physician-supervised medical weight loss program will also be the safest method for weight loss and maintenance. The practice offers strategies and nutritional plans available only to medical doctors which provide results that no other program can duplicate. The practice’s weight loss plans not only result in patients feeling better about their appearance but put them on the road better health as well.

When not with his patients, Dr. Ramirez enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three children, kitesurfing, and golfing. He is also a private pilot with over 500 hours flight time.

Whatever a patient’s needs or concerns, call Women’s Care Center today for a free consultation. To accommodate the busy schedules of today’s patients, the practice also supports email and telemedicine visits.

Contact Dr. Johannes Ramirez at:

Women’s Care Center
650 Hobson Way, Suite 201, Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone: 805-214-4092  Fax: 805-247-1893

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Great service at a Pharmacy? Amani Hishmeh, guest


AmaniAmani Hishmeh joins Dr. Bunny to discuss being a pharmacy owner – both in Jordan and in America.  Amani has just opened her third pharmacy in Ventura County: Ventura County Pharmacy, at 3350 Loma Vista Rd. in Ventura, CA.

Amani’s motto for great service is “Treat everyone like they are family!”.  Her pharmacies really go above & beyond to give great service to everyone who walks thru the door – they have coffee, friendly smiles, quick service, and even delivery if you can’t make it in!  They also offer free blood pressure screening.  Even vaccines are available!

Amani explains the difference between vaccines, and you may be surprised to learn that there IS a difference in quality & content for each vaccine.  She shares some incredibly valuable information that you need to know.

Amani has amazing energy!  She is passionate about her work, her love of community, and her family.  She’s also passionate about a new diet:  The Ideal Protein Diet.  It is a simple diet & is, well Ideal!  Tune in and learn more!

A great interview with a fascinating, energetic woman!

Contact Amani Hishmeh at (805) 765-6046
Also visit: Ventura County Pharmacy, 3350 Loma Vista Rd., Ventura, CA – right across from Ventura County Hospital

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Ask Dr. Bunny. First time Mother at 41? Elana Daley, guest



Elana Daley joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how becoming a mother at 41 changed her life.  She was making a 6 figure income, she had been told by doctors that she couldn’t get pregnant, and then…   Well, as they say, “When man makes plans, God looks down & laughs” :-).

Tune in and listen as Elana shares honestly about how she felt about this huge, life-changing event, homeschooling and more!

About Elana Daley:  Re-invent, invigorate, and passionately recreate who I am. That’s what Arbonne is doing for me. Have you ever met someone who’s energy is contagious? The entire company is filled with men and women with passion and energy.

“Career Woman gone Mom” is the name of a book I started when I entered motherhood for the first time. I had a true identity crisis. It was difficult to shift from corporate to full time motherhood. I had no idea what would come, and I fell in love with my family. Upon realizing that I did not want to return to corporate life but remain a stay at home mom, I also found that I missed having my own career.

I did not marry until I was over 40 and had my only child late. Before marriage I had started a successful training and coaching company and then stepped into our family business to help my husband while I stayed home raising our son. The work was not fulfilling. I wanted more.   I also knew that returning to coaching and training would require me to travel and I did not want to leave my family.

I attended a Healthy Happy Hour at the insistence of my neighbor. I knew it was about healthy products and I had been invited to other nutritional events with poor quality ingredients. With reluctance I attended. I have many food allergies, so I was cautious. Upon being introduced to the protein shakes, I immediately read the ingredient labels. Then I began reading all the product labels for the clean eating program and tasting each product. I reviewed the details of the 30 Days to Healthy Living program. It followed everything that my doctor of 24 years prior had advised me about eating healthy and training clean. Because of many food allergies, I was still skeptical and thought, “I”ll give it a try”. Being the discount queen, I signed up as a consultant to get the best price and bought the 30 Days To Healthy Living Set and the RE9 skin care line.

My first Clean Eating Challenge went well, but I did not give up sweets. My coach, Tracy Schuetz told me, “if you’re going to do this, do it right and go all the way”. So I started the Clean Eating Challenge again and gave up sweets. I knew I could not make it alone so I invited 3 girlfriends to do it with me. They became my accountability team. My first month I lost very little weight but I lost 1 1/2 inches in my waist, and 1 inch in my hips! As I made eating clean a priority, I realized that this was about getting healthy. I dropped from size 10 to size 6 in two short months. As I began to share my experience, more and more friends wanted results like mine.

The rest is history. I have had great results from the 30 Days to Healthy Living program. I have more energy, my memory is spot on, and I am more alert. I get compliments from strangers on my skin and I tell them about the RE9 skincare line. All I do is share my enthusiasm, my love of the products and most of all my results. It’s a blast reuniting with friends, helping them get results, and growing a business that I believe in.   I never thought I would be in network marketing. It’s hard not to share when I feel so passionately and believe in the products and philosophy of Arbonne. Join me in building your business with Arbonne.

Contact Elana Daley at (818) 324-1863 or E-mail:

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. The Plastic Surgeon for Mama June? Dr. Daniel Kolder, guest


Dr KolderBoard Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Kolder joins Dr. Bunny to discuss plastic surgery, how he became a plastic surgeon and how he was chosen to be the Plastic Surgeon for Mama June Shannon on WE TV’s “Mama June: Not to Hot”.  Dr. Kolder shares how he helped Mama June to acheive her aesthetic goals after her extreme weight loss.

Tune in and get to know Dr. Kolder as he explains what a Plastic Surgeon is, and how a Plastic Surgeon is trained.   Is a Cosmetic Surgeon the same as a Plastic Surgeon??  The answer may surprise you!

An extremely informative and interesting interview with a very compassionate and skilled doctor!

About Dr. Kolder and The Pacifica Institute:

Dr. Daniel G. Kolder is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As a highly trained plastic surgeon, his specialties include tummy tucks; liposuction; breast augmentation, lifts and reduction; facelifts; upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), as well as a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He is best-known for his warm, easy manner, compassionate care, and beautiful, natural results.

Dr. Kolder is a graduate of Creighton University undergraduate and medical school in Omaha, Nebraska. Following medical school, he completed his Plastic Surgery residency training at the University of Missouri. While there, he received exceptional training in surgery of the hand, breast and skin cancer as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. During his time in Missouri, Dr. Kolder was also the recipient of numerous outstanding resident teaching awards.

Contact Dr. Daniel Kolder at (805) 484-2855

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Lose Weight and Keep it Off – at a Special Price??


It’s Dr. Bunny’s birthday month and YOU are getting the gift! She is offering her Lose Weight & Keep It Off CD set for $20 off (regular price is $59.95, now only $39.95!!)! Take advantage of this great special just in time for swimsuit season!!

Go to to order yours today!!

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