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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is Reiki? Shannon Sosebee, guest

998795_654105247945169_1870942003_nShannon Sosebee, Usui/Tibetan & Karuna Reiki® Master, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Holistic Health and Wellness, and the amazing benefits of Reiki.  In this very informative interview you will learn how Reiki can help you – whether you’re a man or woman, adult or child, or even a cat or dog!

About Shannon:

Shannon lives and works in Ventura, CA. She has been a massage therapist since July of 1996, graduating with 600 hours of training that focused on Swedish massage, reflexology, meridian therapy, sports massage, hydrotherapy, general wellness, kinesiology and business management.

In June of 1999, she began her initiation to Reiki. By 2003 she had received her Master Certification. She volunteers as a Reiki practitioner at the Cancer Center of Ventura County at St. John’s Hospital in Oxnard as well as hosts Community Reiki Share at Community Memorial Hospital and Coastal Communities Cancer Resource Center in Ventura. She enjoys sharing this profound healing work with all who feel ready to experience it.

In 2007, she stepped onto the Shamanic path by receiving the initiation rites of the Munay-Ki. From there she learned to gift these rites to others and began to host gatherings for those who felt called to this journey of healing. In 2012, she began to teach and mentor rite givers, as well. Along this journey, she became a full mesa carrier through the Inka Medicine Wheel, and has been blessed to assist others on this path of personal healing and transformation.

Personal healing and transformation are Shannon’s passion. Her love for people and the planet is what continues to inspire her in her daily life and growing work. She focuses on well-being as a way of life and trusts in the deep connection that this brings.

Contact Shannon Sosebee at (805) 216-8675 or E-mail:

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is Thermography?

dawn_beldenDawn Belden, MA, Clinical Certified Thermographer, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Thermography – what it is, and how it can help you!  Dawn discusses the differences between a mammogram and thermography, and what she has to say may surprise you.   And Thermography is not only for breasts – it can also used for full-body scans. Tune in for a very informative interview!

About Dawn Belden, MA:
Dawn has a background in holistic education – bringing integrated curriculum to distance learning programs. She is also a learning styles consultant and has a strong foundation in individualized and personalized education. She has studied with Jean Houston and Thich Nhat Hanh, among others, and has co-lead teen retreats in Mindfulness and Awareness, affiliated with UCLA.

Dawn provides the best service possible to her clients.
She feels that thermography gives people a way to actually see, through imagery, the efficacy of their bodies. When clients are able to see themselves in such a way they become effective and pro-active in monitoring and orchestrating their health; thermography empowers clients to be agents of change in a self-directed and supported way.

Dawn is passionate about alternative medicine and used it almost exclusively, to great result, with her daughter and son’s neurological and stomach issues. She feels that because of the pervasive toxicity in the environment resulting in the nearly epidemic numbers of cancer we must have ways to ameliorate and track the effects in our bodies.

About the Ojai Thermography Center:

At the Ojai Breast Thermography Center we offer breast as well as full body thermal imaging for women and men. You will receive gentle and compassionate care which includes holistic counseling for optimal health and well being. Should we see “hot spots” we will guide you towards the best remedies or the right health practitioner for your needs.

We never leave you to fend for yourself after your thermal imaging and consultation. Once you are a client of ours, you will always be considered a client. We are always available for inspiration, guidance and support. We will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation.

Contact Dawn Belden, MA at (805) 798-5453 (cell) or (805) 560-7602 or E-mail:

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Hair Free Forever?? Cheryl Conway, guest

Cheryl Conway

Cheryl Conway

Cheryl Conway, owner of Hair Free Forever, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss hair removal.  Do you know the difference between Thermolysis and Electrolysis?  Does hair removal have to be painful?  How do you permanently remove hair without having skin damage?  What areas of the body can you remove hair permanently?  Tune in and learn these answers and more in this fascinating & informative interview!

About Cheryl Conway:

Hair Free Forever is permanent hair removal with Thermolysis. The procedure is 100% effective for all hair types and colors, and completely safe for any skin type and color. Recommended by Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, and Cosmetic Surgeons worldwide, Thermolysis is clinically proven to be the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA for permanency, to ensure healthy, hair free skin that lasts a lifetime.

Cheryl Conway has been using the Thermolysis procedure for permanent hair removal for 20 years. She studied and practiced in Philadelphia, working with The University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital. After relocating to Beverly Hills in 1997, she specialized in Eyebrow Design. With this expertise she will analyze and execute proper corrections to achieve the perfect shape for each individual patient.

Cheryl is also an Expert Consultant for the California State Board of Cosmetology and has her Teaching Credential in Vocational Education, Designated Subjects. She pioneered the creation of California’s first apprenticeship program for Permanent Hair Removal. She established the program with the help of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Education to teach students the highly specialized procedure of Thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

Thermolysis offers patients an FDA approved medically proven, safe and effective procedure for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. “While some patients seek our services for purely cosmetic reasons, we receive many referrals from Dermatologists to treat cases of folliculitis, Endocrinologists for conditions that cause symptoms of hirsutism, and Cosmetic Surgeons for reconstructive surgery cases.”

As a member of the American Electrology Association and the Electrologist Association of California she finds continuing education an essential part of practicing Permanent Hair Removal as an Allied Health Field.

Hair Free Forever is located at 4601 Telephone Rd #111, Ventura, CA 93033

Contact Cheryl Conway at 805-644-3900

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Ask Dr. Bunny. What inspires a writer? James F. Gray, guest

ebc2205ebcb0563954df0e9c12f01db3Author James F. Gray joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his 4th book “Audrey’s Journal”.  James has been writing all his life, but began writing novels around 9 years ago.

James shares fun info about the books he’s written, as well as the process of writing a book.  A very interesting and informative interview!

About James Gray:

After 50 years of being in commercial printing, James has retired to his true passion…
Author James Francis Gray originally hails from Massachusetts. He took printing in high school and, after a move to California, started his own printing business, that he still runs today, forty years later. When times changed and work started to slow down, he embarked upon a second career as a writer. Currently he has four books available and is always working on new books and projects.

Sold as an e-books or soft covers these fine novels are available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes & many more

Buy hard copies of James Gray’s books at these Ventura, CA locations:

Bank of Books
748 E. Main St.
James F. Gray Printing
2261 Palma Dr. #2
Gems and Glitter Boutique
2690 Loma Vista Rd.
The December Store and More
1599 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 105
Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea
2470 E. Main St.

Contact James Gray at (805) 650-2786

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. How can we help children? Susanne Lammot, M.D., guest

rawPediatrician Susanne Lammot, M.D.,  joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how Pediatric medicine has changed over the years, and how prevention is practiced so much more than it used to be.  Nutrition is also a HUGE part of her practice, and she explains how the food choices you make can really impact your health.  Susanne’s Grandmother used to say “Eat food that’s real food” – and it’s still valuable advice to live by today!

Susanne also shares wonderful information about something very dear to her heart: “Nourish The Children” – an initiative that applies business principles to address the problem of childhood hunger in a sustainable manner. Please visit:

About Susanne Lammot, M.D.:

Long ago, a young woman graduated from Bishops U, ready to explore our beautiful planet & “make a difference” – particularly for the children of this wonderful world.

I am still “going strong”! enjoying part time active Pediatric practice, and living by the ocean in Ventura, California. My sailboat is tied up behind my house, and an inviting water way leads to my “other love” – the open sea!

As a Pediatrician who is an Ambassador for the Children of the World, I’ve lived in Africa, Europe, Canada and the US, and worked in remote areas of Alaska, and tiny villages in South America. In addition to serving locally, on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, I now travel regularly to Malawi, Africa, where we are truly saving lives. Nourish the Children provides hot nourishing meals that attract orphaned children to school. As we nourish their precious minds and their frail bodies, they become involved productive happy teens; elders in their communities learn self sustaining agriculture.

All this – and yes, there is more! As an Independent Executive with NuSkin, (the leading Scientifically based AntiAging Company in the world) travel is part of my business, supporting me as a Humanitarian Entrepreneur.

My 2 children, 7 step kids and many grandkids keep me busy and young!

Children, Sailing & Adventure travel are my loves; I have crossed oceans on a 60 foot sailboat, climbed Mont Blanc in Europe and walked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru. Yes, I love kids and travel!!

Dirty Dozen list of what to buy, ORGANIC etc – from Environmental Working Group –  – –

NOTE that Strawberries are now at the TOP of the “must buy ORGANIC” list, for 2017

Get involved locally – – Boys and Girls Clubs of Ventura
Global involvement – – (Nourish the Children)
In my work in Malawi, a colleague and I also founded a non profit organization called Nurture our World. (NOW)
NOW was founded to provide the basic needs (books, food, many other vital items of support) for orphan children who earn Scholarships to High School – but do not have the resources to attend.
In 2010 we met an orphan, Joseph – a very dedicated young man who wanted to make a difference in his community and his country.  He went on to University in India and just graduated ‘FIRST CLASS” – equivalent to top honors – and is on his way back to Malawi to BE the DIFFERENCE for his people –
 Example of Making a Difference – Joseph’s story of perseverance and success –  – – Read about the lives HE has changed

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Retired? How does it feel? Mel Sheeler, guest

Mel SheelerMel Sheeler joins Dr. Bunny to discuss retirement.  How does it feel to be retired after spending much of your lifetime being busy?  How do you fill the ‘void’ when you suddenly have the freedom to do anything, or nothing, at all?  Mel has some very interesting insight that might surprise you.

Mel made a conscious decision not to get involved quite as much in Henderson, Nevada, where he and his lovely wife, Kathy, moved to after retirement.  He has become more active in his local church, and is still very involved in the National Police Dog Foundation, as well as still being involved with Caregivers Assisting the Elderly.

This is an inspiring interview with a very special man!

Here’s more info on the National Police Dog Foundation and Caregivers Assisting the Elderly, both of which Mel spoke about in his interview:

About the National Police Dog Foundation:

In 1998 the Ventura Police Dog Foundation began as a local group helping to fund the K-9 program for the City of Ventura, CA. Ventura Police Department Lt. Dave Inglis and veterinarian Dr. Ron Dalzell, along with a few volunteers, realized the need for a civilian organization to help fund K-9 units. In addition, many cities in Ventura County lacked budgets to fund their K-9 programs in their entirety, so the foundation expanded and became the Police Dog Foundation. Not only did police departments lack the initial funds to purchase and train a dog, many did not have a budget for serious medical issues. This continues to be the same circumstance today throughout the US, so the foundation expanded again and became the National Police Dog Foundation. Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

The National Police Dog Foundation began to support K-9 units throughout the United States in 2004. We currently assist law enforcement agencies through funding to achieve their goals of providing a K-9 unit with quality police dogs and training. In addition, the NPDF has also incorporated a network of veterinarians to help assist agencies with providing for maintenance care and possible emergencies as well as costly medical situations that might occur during their active service career. Equally important is to provide continued care for the police service dog after it retires. Our network of veterinarians includes some of the country’s most valued specialists in many varying areas of health care.

Currently many dogs for police service work are imported from Europe. The origins of most working breeds are in these countries, providing us with some of the best bloodlines available. Although through many years of importing excellent breeding stock from Europe, the United States now has the ability to produce dogs of equal quality. One of the many benefits of dogs bred in America is that they do not have to travel the many hours now necessary by plane to come to the US, saving them the stress of these long flights.

It is the mission of the National Police Dog Foundation to raise funds, promote education and awareness for the purchase, training and on-going veterinary care for active and retired police K-9s. We hope you’ll join us in this effort by supporting this noble cause.


Caregivers Assisting The Elderly:

Founded in 1984 with a grant from the Interfaith Council on Aging and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet developed a community-based model to meet a growing need in the United States. Today, CAREGIVERS serves hundreds of seniors in six cities throughout Ventura County – one of the largest aging populations in the Nation! Thanks to generous gifts from Individuals, Foundations, Corporations and Public Agencies, CAREGIVERS continues to respond to the important needs of homebound and frail elders.


Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Running a marathon in full Fireman gear?? Rudy Marin, guest

Rudy MarinFirefighter Rudy Marin joins Dr. Bunny to discuss running a 26.2 mile L.A. Marathon in full fireman turn-out gear (approximately 70 pounds!)!  Tune in and learn what compelled Rudy to complete such a huge accomplishment!  Rudy’s dedication and commitment is evident as he tells the story about how became a firefighter.  A true inspiration!

About the Fallen Firefighter Memorial:

The Ventura County Fallen Firefighters Memorial is a lasting tribute to the firefighters who gave their lives to protect the citizens of Ventura County.

In the fall of each year, the Ventura County honors its fallen firefighters and their families at a memorial ceremony.   The service features a reading of the names of the fallen, bagpipes, personal tributes, uniformed procession and the traditional Firefighter’s Bell Ceremony.  The annual service provides a place where people can spend time in the company of others who have lost a loved one.

About the Memorial

The Ventura County Fallen Firefighter Memorial was built in 2004 to remember those lost in the line of duty from traumatic injury or job-related illness.

The memorial is located on the grounds of the County Government Center off of Victoria Avenue.  It features a circular granite pedestal inscribed with the names of the 44 fallen firefighters and Firefighter’s Prayer.  On top of the pedestal is a seven-foot statue of a firefighter holding a small child.  Three flagpoles serve as a backdrop to the Memorial.


The Fallen Firefighter Memorial is the culmination of a four-year effort to build a permanent monument to honor Ventura County fallen heroes.  It serves as a joint venture of the Ventura County Fire Chiefs Association, firefighter labor organizations, Rotary International and the eight fire agencies serving the county – Ventura County, Oxnard, Ventura City, Federal Fire, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service.

Contact Rudy Marin at (818) 2632082

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Natural, Handcrafted Body Care? Sabine Dodane, guest

Sabine DodaneSabine Dodane, owner of Rêves de Sabine joins Dr. Bunny to discuss growing up in France with parents who were artists, and how she came to create her wonderful line of eco-friendly, handcrafted, botanical & natural body care products.

Sabine has some very interesting stories about her life growing up in France & travelling to Ibiza, living ‘off the grid’ in the 70’s (before it was popular!), and how she learned to appreciate nature, natural products and the beauty of living a simple life.

About Sabine’s natural body care:

Rêves de Sabine (“Sabine’s Dreams”) is a line of eco-friendly, handcrafted, botanical & natural body care products to look, feel and smell beautiful, from head to toe.

✴ Made with Love in Ventura
✴ Handcrafted in small batches
✴ Over 90% organic
✴ Food grade whenever possible

✴ Chemicals
✴ Preservatives
✴ Added water
✴ Refined oils
✴ Genetically modified ingredients
✴ Animal testing – tested on ourselves and our loved ones first 🙂

Each ingredient is active and effective, selected for its therapeutic benefits and aromatic qualities. We believe that essential oils have a significant and positive impact on our mental, physical, and spiritual health, and we have crafted unique blends for each one of our products.

✴ Being in harmony with nature
✴ Being respectful of our environment and our planet
✴ Using clean ingredients
✴ Quality before profit
✴ Being honest and ethical
✴ Truly caring about customers

I am an artisan inspired by nature, the smell of the ocean, the feel of bare feet in cool sand, the taste of honey and the sound of bees, the scent of white sage on a warm summer day and, most of all, by Love.

Contact Sabine Dodane at (310) 339-0176 by E-mail:
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Sabine’s products can also be found in Ojai, California, at Rainbow Bridge Natural Foods, 211 E Matilija St, Ojai, CA 93023

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Financial freedom? Craig Miller, guest

Craig MillerCraig Miller joins Dr. Bunny to discuss financial issues.  Learn how you can free yourself financially, build wealth ‘off the radar screen of the IRS’ (yes, it’s legal!), and how to understand the tax implications of what you are currently doing with your money.  Tons of great info to be had, so be sure to tune in!

About Craig Miller:

In the world of money, what is it that financial institutions deliver? They have products to sell – to use a golf analogy, they offer clubs. Unfortunately, too much focus is on the product, when focus should be spent more directly on the swing, which is the process.

Do you need to have clubs to play golf? Of course you do. Similarly, to compete in the world of wealth, one is going to need financial products to play, but the product, or club, one chooses is not as important as having the correct swing.

Most professionals are so busy focusing on how great their product is that their client never really learns how to leverage it effectively. You must master the use of your money and learn to avoid losing strategies along the way. You must also have access to your money and be able to make the necessary adjustments when needed (liquidity, use and control).

I teach people how to build wealth off the radar screen of the IRS for income tax purposes. I believe that you should be financially free when you retire and not subject to government taxation. By using the IRS tax code I teach people how to achieve this freedom.

There’s a reason family dynasties have been using this strategy for generations to grow and protect their wealth. Even when subject to estate limits, these strategies go a long way toward promoting the tax-free, inter-generational transfer of wealth.

You won’t find another type of account or investment that has all these benefits in one investment — not 401(k)s, IRAs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, nor any other account.

Contact Craig Miller at (818) 639-1219 or E-mail:

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. How do you stay so young? Dr. Johannes Ramirez, guest


Dr. Johannes Ramirez joins Dr. Bunny for a fascinating and informative discussion on staying young, Women’s health care, Men’s health care, SculpSure (the latest non-invasive fat reduction option), bio-identical hormones, testosterone therapy for men – and so much more.

Lots of great info that everyone needs to know!

About Dr. Johannes Ramirez

At Women’s Care Center in Oxnard, Camarillo, California, Dr. Johannes Ramirez is a leading provider of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He specializes in female reproductive health issues, weight loss, and gynecological health issues as well as testosterone replacement treatment for men and women.

Dr. Ramirez has a Master’s in Physiology and Neurobiology and over 20 publications in print. He has been a practicing OB/GYN for 28 years and has the unique experience and qualifications which blend together to provide a cohesive approach to patient care. He stays abreast of the latest developments in women’s health issues and renews his certification with the American College of OB/GYN board annually.

The practice is committed to staying up-to-date with new developments in obstetrics and gynecology and informing patients through consultation and regular educational seminars. Dr. Ramirez can help with a variety of issues.

Dr. Ramirez and his staff are also dedicated to helping their patients lose weight in a way that takes into account their own personal needs and medical profile. A physician-supervised medical weight loss program will also be the safest method for weight loss and maintenance. The practice offers strategies and nutritional plans available only to medical doctors which provide results that no other program can duplicate. The practice’s weight loss plans not only result in patients feeling better about their appearance but put them on the road better health as well.

When not with his patients, Dr. Ramirez enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three children, kitesurfing, and golfing. He is also a private pilot with over 500 hours flight time.

Whatever a patient’s needs or concerns, call Women’s Care Center today for a free consultation. To accommodate the busy schedules of today’s patients, the practice also supports email and telemedicine visits.

Contact Dr. Johannes Ramirez at:

Women’s Care Center
650 Hobson Way, Suite 201, Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone: 805-214-4092  Fax: 805-247-1893

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