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Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 70

Windows 10 Fall Update

Lisa Toth:   Did the Tuesday update this month automatically download if I have auto updates setup?

Have there been any issues so far?

Lisa Toth:   What is a “shell”? like the microsoft power shell.

Lisa Toth:   Please pontificate on ‘Pocket’ in Firefox vs Pinterest.

Lisa Toth posted a website that is supposed to check if your email has been hacked.  Is it legitimate?

Lisa Toth posted on how to create the perfect password.

News Item:  KRACK WPA2 vulnerability

News Item:  Windows 10 Fall Update (1709) is starting to roll out.

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 69

Patch Tuesday for Windows

Kathy Van Slyke:   Is the Atlantic Discount Store a legitimate site? On the site they state that they are a Microsoft registered partner. I tried to check on what I thought was a legitimate site reviewing businesses and the reviews were high. But one never knows.

Kathy Van Slyke:  Is there anyone who is familiar with Libre Base or know of a good source to read about it. The things so far that I have seen on the internet are confusing. I am trying to convert an Access file to Libre base as the person who I wish to give it to does not have Access. I have read that you can move tables but not Queries, forms, and Reports. I also have read that you need to convert Tables over to an earlier form of Access but have not succeeded beyond that.

News Item:  Patch Tuesday a week ago

News Item:  Microsoft’s mystery update, Photos Add-On, arouses anger, suspicion among Windows 10 users

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 68

RIP windows XP

Lisa Toth   Is a way to make my task bar a bit bigger on my Asus.

Lisa Toth   I am wondering if in this day and age it is necessary to unplug from the charger if the battery is charged

Lisa Toth   I love the uBlock Origin in Firefox. Is there a version for email?

News Item:   AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years

News Item:   Mozilla to End All Firefox Support for XP and Vista in June 2018

News Item:   Cyberstalking Suspect Arrested After VPN Providers Shared Logs With the FBI

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 67

more on equifax

Kathy Van Slyke   Does anyone know if is a legitimate site? Ads for them have appeared on various sites and some of their prices are low enough to be suspicious.

Lisa Toth   I have a Pinterest button, the last pass button and the ublock origin button in the upper right space next to the search cell in Firefox. Can’t remember what it is called. Can I put a one note button there too?

Lisa Toth   I no longer have the button on the task bar that has the three one note options for adding.  I haven’t been able to get things into One Note except by using the print function and choosing OneNote.

Message for Andy Toth, the latest Opera now imports Edge Favorites.

News Item:   Google warns that govt is demanding more of your private data than ever

News Item:   You published an article about the Equifax breach and what to do about it.  Where can users read it and what are the highlights?

Q&A with CIPCUG Session No.66

Janet van Duinwyk   Three weeks ago my HP 8710 printer was happily printing my reports and then it abruptly stopped.  I tried rebooting but that didn’t help.  2 days ago I turned on my computer and my printer started spitting out reports.  What happened and how do I fix it if it happens again?

Andy Toth   When my windows phone’s battery gets critically low, the phone beeps periodically. I turn the phone off but it turns itself on after a period of time to inform me the battery is critically low.

John Weigle   In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, clicking on a mailto link takes me to a Google search page rather than opening my email program (Thunderbird).  How do I select my default program for email?

Andy Toth   I downloaded and installed opera. I’ve been using edge browser. How do I get opera to install my edge favorites?

Lisa Toth   In Facebook, sometimes when a person shares something the post does not have a share button. Why is that?

Lisa Toth   When I sent something to OneNote I am offered options as to where to put it. However, once I click on a folder, I have to choose a page in the folder. Am I missing how to add a page to place the new info?

Lisa Toth   Sometimes The material I want to add to one note is several pages long. If I want to move those pages to another one note page can I select all of the pages I want to move?

News Item:  Open or create your personal my Social Security account

Q&A Session 65

This July 21, 2012, photo shows Equifax Inc., offices in Atlanta. Credit monitoring company Equifax says a breach exposed social security numbers and other data from about 143 million Americans. The Atlanta-based company said Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, that “criminals” exploited a U.S. website application to access files between mid-May and July of this year. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

Lisa Toth   I have found a site called unit converter. It has a wealth of conversion charts for all kinds of measurements.  I’d like to create a way to have quick access to this site.

Bill Hinds   Is there a way to get LastPass for an iPad for free? It looks like I have to buy the premium version for $24.

News Item:   Google deletes Android backups if you don’t use your phone for two months

News Item:   Apple announced 3 new phones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

News Item:   The Equifax breech was possible because they didn’t install updates to Apache Struts web-application software. The whole thing was completely avoidable by proper maintenance.

Q&A session 64

Jerry Crocker   The NextRadio app lets you experience live and local FM radio on your smartphone without logging into your

Amazon’s Alexa

data feed. Get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air, plus live FM feeds directly to your phone.

News Item:  Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri user? Watch out for these inaudible command attacks

News Item:  Malware Author Uses Same Skype ID to Run IoT Botnet and Apply for Jobs

News Item:  U.S. House of Representatives passes new bipartisan self-driving car bill


News Item:  Equifax reveals hack that likely exposed data of 143 million customers

Q &A: Session 63

China demands source code

Craig Ladd   Android, tablet still won’t let me do original posts, only comments on posts – but can do original posts on FB app

John Weigle   I just had a frustrating experience trying to print a PDF. Using Acrobat Reader, page 2 could not be printed. I turned the HP printer off and back on, as it said to do, but the page still kept coming out blank. I wasted several sheets of paper before thinking of trying it with a different program, Foxit Reader, and page 2 printed. Any ideas why?

Tony Pizza   Can Echo access Pandora?

News Item:  We need to nationalise Google, Facebook and Amazon.

News Item:  Chinese Agency Linked to Cyber-Espionage Operations Will Review Source Code of Foreign Firms.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 62

Amazon buys Whole Foods

Lisa Toth:   I’m having problems replying to emails. Sometimes the receiver actually got the message but they get it multiple times and I get multiple “message returned” messages.  I am using Windows Live on my windows 10 laptop.

Rosalie Sherbrooke:   Is anyone else having a problem with LastPass today? It will not load in Chrome and when I got it to work in Edge and ‘launched’ one of my sites, it just took me there, without logging me in. Their icons, on the right of the login/password bars, were not there.

News Item:  Before you use an ATM machine, turn on bluetooth on your phone.  If you see a long computer name trying to connect, don’t use the machine.

News Item:   Why a dumb phone is a smart phone

News Item:  What is behind the Amazon / Whole Food merger and the Google / Walmart tie-up?

Q&A with CIPCUG No. 61

Google Extensions

John Weigle   I’m finding myself surrounded with cables. What are your thoughts on wireless keyboards and mice for a cluttered condo?

Tony Pizza   At one of the meetings Toby suggested what download sites to use, and not use. I checked my notes, and they are inscrutable. Possibly CNET was ok? What about FossHub?

Roger Houston   Question #1 for Office 365. Will Office 365, Outlook be able to download and install my Contacts and Calendar from iCloud?  I am ready to consider buying Office 365 Home for syncing across platforms [without iCloud] and for the 1TB x 5 cloud it offers.

Roger Houston   Question #2: Are there any other reliable and easy to use solutions or apps, without breaking the bank?

Bill Hinds   How do I close a briefcase in Windows 10? The briefcases are left over from Windows XP.

Lisa Toth   What do you think about pushbullet?

News Item:   Eight Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Deliver Malicious Code to 4.8 Million Users

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