Matt Bromund ~ Specializing in Immigration, Family, and Criminal Defense Law ~
~All About Juries~And Why We Need To Show Up! 

Matt Bromund7a_borderMatt Bromund:  “Over the last century, judges and attorneys have worked to undermine the basis of our freedom and liberty in juries…  They, the elite, do not want to share power.”  A shocking statement coming from an attorney!

But Matt Bromund, principal attorney for the Bromund Law Group, speaks honestly to his point of view!  He tells us about the law, the government, our rights and priviledges, and how all this relates to us as residents and citizens of the USA.

You need to show up!  Matt says…  Sitting on a jury… “is one of the most powerful ways to guarantee that, ‘We, the people’ are governing ourselves.”

We must remember how critical juries are to our freedom!

People need to recognize that they have been handed authority and power over our country.  As a jurist, you are empowered over someone’s freedom or conviction.

Why is this important?  You don’t know when a complaint is going to made against you or someone you love.  “Every day the legislature is in session, they have the ability to make new things criminal… things that weren’t criminal before.”  A sobering thought…

Yes! Now does this make you ashamed of all the times you tried to avoid jury duty?

Listen to Matt Bromund’s inspiring new show on juries and find out, among other things, how you can be powerful and make a difference in your life and the life of our country.

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