Matt Bromund ~ Specializing in Immigration, Family, and Defense Law ~
 Talks About His Passion For The Law And Helping People ~

bromund_placard_borderMatt Bromund, principal attorney of Bromund Law, chose his office building strategically.

Located at  950 County Square Dr, Suite 111, it is only a 3 ½ minute walk to the courtroom- much faster than driving!

When setting up private practice, Matt chose to open at 8:00 am and was available to people waiting for their trials to begin across the street.

They were looking for answers to questions. He helped them, and many came back and hired him.

The building, modelled after an English Inns of Court, has a historical atmosphere.  Matt says it helps him feel connected to the centuries-old tradition of being an advocate in court and speaking truth for the benefit of individual people.

The large conference room accommodates a number of people and this helps with family law cases.  Matt explains a lawyer needs a space to meet with as many people as necessary.

The building is conducive to his process as well!  His office has a hidden depth so that he can work privately on his cases and arguments.  He paces the indoor courtyard in 45 seconds – this helps him when cogitating a point of law.

Immigration, Criminal, Family Law – all equally important to Matt Bromund:  

“Defending a person’s rights in courts is a way of vindicating the constitution is to make sure all the awesome power of the court is to protect us, not turned into a tool to persecute us.”

The ideal is that “you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”  As a criminal defense attorney, Matt takes the constitution in hand and makes sure we “live up to our ideals.”

Matt Gets People Out of Tickets When Facts Support it ~

Computer red-light camera enforcement – Matt fights this and wins!

“I don’t believe we are meant be governed by machines. I believe we are meant to be governed by the laws that we pass. “  

Tune into the show and find out the details.  Listen to real-life scenarios….  You may find that it will help you or someone you care about.

The Bromund Law Group is Ventura County’s premier immigration, family law, and criminal defense firm. They are solutions-focused and dedicated to fighting for your family.

The premier law firm for immigration, family law, and criminal defense in Ventura, California.

The Bromund Law Group is a bilingual firm (Spanish/English) with experience working with military families and devoted to seeing their client’s lives improved as a result of their work.

Never a consultation fee, always the truth.

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Ventura, California

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