With the free Windows 10 update gone, what can users of Windows 10 expect in the future?QnA with CIPCUG

Sue Nethercott: You mean, we won’t get annoying Windows 10  reminders for the next year?

Lisa Toth: Since my iPad is becoming obsolete I have 2 questions. Can I move such things as purchased books to another location so I don’t lose them when it dies? And number 2, what would be a good replacement. I read books and news on mine. Of course I play games. Solitaire types, and I watch videos. My Ipad 2 is pretty heavy, but needs a bigger screen to see easily.

From a discussion on the CIPCUG Facebook page:  How do I reject robo calls on my phone?

Lisa Toth: Problem. I want to share a post. So I click on the share button. When/if it comes up with the dialog box, I click share now, or share.  Either way, 80% of the time the screen whites out and I cannot do anything on any page. Sometimes if I wait a bit, it will come.

Lisa Toth: Some people think if it is not an Iphone it is not a smart phone. I thought that if I can use it almost as if it is a computer it must be smart.

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