We are really lucky and happy to – well, Shifman has a squeaky chair and we couldn’t afford to edit it out without sacrificing valuable knowledge so, excusing the squeak, there is a huge amount of information Shifman covers on the history of Quantum Chromodynamics, the details of the history of its experiment, and the problems of the gluons.

Misha Shifman

Misha Shifman

We also covered an unplanned range – this was really, a conversation in the making and I couldn’t decide what to keep, what to leave out, I loved all of it, but, it spans from Quantum Chromodynamics to traveling, to freedom of publication, to the luxury of not appreciating liberties, and it is really a journey of comparing two different worlds at two different times- the U.S.A and Soviet Union during the 70’s and 80’s and how they handled mobility and learning and publications as students of physics and science moved up higher and higher in their learning.
Thank you again, Mr. Shifman, and also a huge congratulations to winning the Dirac Medal for specific work in QCD!

Here are some links to his university website for more information


Here is his initiating contribution:

The penguin mechanism of flavor changing hadron (quark) transitions introduced. (JETP Lett. 22 (1975) 55; Nucl. Phys. B120 (1977) 316; JETP 45 (1977) 670).