Introducing Marilyn Miller! 

Today Lynn and Buzz interview amazing business mentor, Marilyn Miller.  Marilyn helps women learn how to manage money.

Historically most women have had challenges with making and managing money. They did not enter the workforce as full time workers until the late 70’s and 80’s.  Yet, women will most likely end up managing their family’s finances because men leave the planet earlier then they do.

It is good to take responsibility – and change your mindset.  Know that you are worth it!

Marilyn works with women in groups and her program usually starts out with money mistakes.  They unearth early experiences that expose blocks like “I don’t understand money and money is a mystery.”

During the program, the women acknowledge where the blocks come from and then transform their money mindset. Marilyn herself, had a traumatic experience with an ice cream man when she was a very young girl!  She got in line for a cone without money because she didn’t know anything about it!

The truth is everyone has made money mistakes!

Marilyn has had many careers and still manifests.  She was a college a professor that got sick and had to give up her dream job at the California Institute of The Arts.  What has sustained her is the idea of “What’s next.”

Listen to renaissanceRADIO now! Find out the details about Marilyn and her program.  You will love the ice cream man story!

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About Marilyn:

Marilyn is  the creator of the Money Magnet Program.  She also is the Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living based in Ojai, California.

Money Magnet Attraction Program was developed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and, in turn, to earn the money they deserve, with less stress.

The primary demographic is women interested in earning much more money. However, about 20 to 25% of her clients are men.

Marilyn’s program offers Mentorship, Content and Community.

Participants learn how to magnetize, mesmerize and monetize their businesses so the money they earn is equal to the time they invest.
The program includes private, group and phone sessions enabling each person to receive the attention she or he needs.

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