As promised in last week’s show, Dr. J and Dr Bunny delve into the idea of lithium batteries as a solution for our planet’s climate change.

Their conversation about batteries as an answer to the climate crisis is also a parable.

Batteries are a good thing – a wonderful idea, Dr. J and Dr. Bunny agree.  A battery is a portable source of energy, Dr. J. exclaims – electrical potential that’s stored. When you have a battery you can use it again. BUT – there are no free rides – you will still have to charge it up again.

There is a certain segment of the population that has been convinced they can get a free ride:  Free healthcare, free medical, free food, free housing, etc. Yet, there is always a price to pay – an “opportunity cost.”

One has to plug into an energy source – the turbines. If we take all the energy away from the turbines and give it to the batteries, the energy will be used up and the turbines will no longer exist.

If you take all the energy away from the people who make the energy, the energy is used up. For every millionaire, he or she employs at least 10 people directly. Many more also benefit from the employees’ consumerism and their employees.

Even throwing a battery costs; As we all know, one must be careful when throwing away a used up battery – they are toxic.  Remember – “there is always an opportunity cost.”

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