Elise HicksAstrologer Elise Hicks, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Astrology and the stars.   Elise shares her amazing, and very personal, story about how she became involved in Astrology, and how she learned at a very young age about energy, the Chakras and the whole Metaphysical world.

Tune in and learn about Elise’s journey to becoming an Astrologer, and how she uses the tool of Astrology to understand herself and others.   Elise explains how she envisions life much like traveling on a river – and if you know that there are rapids coming, you can shift your center of gravity & make sure your lifevest is on! A fascinating interview you don’t want to miss!

Elise’s 2017 Spring Equinox Special:

Although we in the west acknowledge January 1st as the first day of our new year, we tropical astrologers see the time when our Sun crosses the equator on its journey north as the first day of our new year.  We also call this the Vernal Equinox and the first day of Spring…the beginning of our spirited, pioneering, and brave sign of Aries!

In order to begin this powerful Astrological New Year with a bang, I am offering a very special package.  Let’s usher in this Spring in the most empowering way possible!

My 2017 Spring Equinox Package Includes:

* A 1-Hour Consultation

* A Natal Chart & Report:

Discover who you are, the traits you were born with, your personality, gifts, challenges, propensity for success in love and career ~ Very revealing!

* A 1-Year Transit Report:

Your Planetary ‘Weather Report.’  Is it sunny or raining in your world?  As the planets move, they can affect us in various ways.  We can better exercise our free will when we are clear about the forecast.

* A 1-Year Progression Report:

This insightful report speaks to how our life unfolds in a slower, more deliberate way via a day-for-a-year, Secondary Progression.  Our progressed charts reveal periods of deep and intense unfoldment in our lives. 

* An Astrocartography Report:

Based on our birth charts, some places are better for us than others. Discover the details on your city of residence.  

About Elise Hicks:

Elise has been a practicing astrologer and metaphysician since her father’s gift of an astrology reading for her eighteenth birthday.  What was truly special about this gift is the fact that he had been given only six months to live when she was just twelve years old. 

His healing journey became the white rabbit event that triggered much discovery for both of them.  She often refers to her Dad as her first guru.   Now, some 40 years later, her studies have evolved into a field that incorporates quantum physics into her astrology practice.   Her goal is to empower her clients into self-discovery and limitless possibility.

Contact Elise Hicks by email at AstrologyAsAboveSoBelow@gmail.com

Also visit: https://www.astrologyasabovesobelow.com/

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