Norma Hollis joins Dr. Bunny to discuss authenticity – what it really means, how to find yours, and so much more!

Norma says that many of us fall into the pattern of “auto-pilot”, in terms of what life tells us to do.  Truly being authentic is stepping outside of the ‘path’, looking at what your direction is, and what is true and real for you.  Being authentic really helps you to be empowered in many ways.

Norma shares the story of how she stopped her auto-pilot.  She embarked on a quest that took 30 years to understand who she was and what she supposed to be doing with her life.

So, are we victims of old habits? Norma believes that we are victims of the habits that were introduced to us when we were born. Can the be changed?  Yes!

Tune in to learn more and find out how authenticity leads you to your super powers!!

About Norma Hollis:

Norma T. Hollis has a unique intellectual creativity that she applies to understanding human nature from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives. She is a change agent and transformational catalyst who has created a program that connects people to their authentic self, promotes self-awareness, and helps organizations create environments that foster engagement so that people enjoy coming to and being productive at work.

“It seems like everywhere in society that I look, people are wearing masks, being someone that they are not. I’ve studied this for over 30 years and have concluded that the masks are because people lose sight of who they are. It often starts when young children are discouraged from making the noise that comes from expressing natural gifts such as singing, talking and playing instruments. Or told to be still when all they want to do is dance, run or play with a ball. Over time, these young children let go of their natural tendencies and replace them with behaviors that they feel are dictated by society. And because these behaviors are not necessarily natural to them, they create masks to be the person they feel society wants them to be rather than being their authentic self. These masks can last a lifetime. ”

Norma helps people remove their masks and reconnect to the natural gifts and talents they were born with. She offers tools and techniques to enhance both personal and professional life including methods that enable organizations to build more engaging work environments.

About Authenticity U:

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-awareness. When you are aware of who you are you remove confusion and fear and live with greater confidence and trust. Authenticity U is the place to gain the confidence to be the person you were born to be with new perspectives about who you are and who you can be.

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