rawPediatrician Susanne Lammot, M.D.,  joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how Pediatric medicine has changed over the years, and how prevention is practiced so much more than it used to be.  Nutrition is also a HUGE part of her practice, and she explains how the food choices you make can really impact your health.  Susanne’s Grandmother used to say “Eat food that’s real food” – and it’s still valuable advice to live by today!

Susanne also shares wonderful information about something very dear to her heart: “Nourish The Children” – an initiative that applies business principles to address the problem of childhood hunger in a sustainable manner. Please visit: https://sst.millionsofmeals.com

About Susanne Lammot, M.D.:

Long ago, a young woman graduated from Bishops U, ready to explore our beautiful planet & “make a difference” – particularly for the children of this wonderful world.

I am still “going strong”! enjoying part time active Pediatric practice, and living by the ocean in Ventura, California. My sailboat is tied up behind my house, and an inviting water way leads to my “other love” – the open sea!

As a Pediatrician who is an Ambassador for the Children of the World, I’ve lived in Africa, Europe, Canada and the US, and worked in remote areas of Alaska, and tiny villages in South America. In addition to serving locally, on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, I now travel regularly to Malawi, Africa, where we are truly saving lives. Nourish the Children provides hot nourishing meals that attract orphaned children to school. www.nourishthechildren.com. As we nourish their precious minds and their frail bodies, they become involved productive happy teens; elders in their communities learn self sustaining agriculture.

All this – and yes, there is more! As an Independent Executive with NuSkin, (the leading Scientifically based AntiAging Company in the world) travel is part of my business, supporting me as a Humanitarian Entrepreneur.

My 2 children, 7 step kids and many grandkids keep me busy and young!

Children, Sailing & Adventure travel are my loves; I have crossed oceans on a 60 foot sailboat, climbed Mont Blanc in Europe and walked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru. Yes, I love kids and travel!!

Dirty Dozen list of what to buy, ORGANIC etc – from Environmental Working Group –

https://donate.ewg.org/images/EWG_PesticidesInProduceGuide_Print_C01.pdf  – –

NOTE that Strawberries are now at the TOP of the “must buy ORGANIC” list, for 2017

Get involved locally – www.bgclubventura.org – Boys and Girls Clubs of Ventura
Global involvement –
www.sst.MillionsofMeals.com – (Nourish the Children)
In my work in Malawi, a colleague and I also founded a non profit organization called Nurture our World. www.NurtureOurWorld.net (NOW)
NOW was founded to provide the basic needs (books, food, many other vital items of support) for orphan children who earn Scholarships to High School – but do not have the resources to attend.
In 2010 we met an orphan, Joseph – a very dedicated young man who wanted to make a difference in his community and his country.  He went on to University in India and just graduated ‘FIRST CLASS” – equivalent to top honors – and is on his way back to Malawi to BE the DIFFERENCE for his people –
 Example of Making a Difference – Joseph’s story of perseverance and success –  – https://www.nurtureourworld.net/josephsstory.html – Read about the lives HE has changed

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