Cynthia Gstettenbauer joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her opioid journey, and how opioids have helped her.

When Cynthia was 12, she was pushed from a tree house & became partially paralyzed, or what is known as a partial paraplegic. She spent several months in the hospital and had several surgeries. Cynthia can feel things, but in a very intense way, which is very challenging – but even more challenging when doctors didn’t believe she could actually feel!

Cynthia shares how painful it was just to try to sleep, and how no amount of money could buy a mattress that provided any relief. For Cynthia, opioids have been a very valuable tool, but the road to finding doctors that will listen, formulate a pain management plan, and truly work with her, has been very long. She now has a wonderful team of doctors that work together – what a blessing!

Tune in and learn how Cynthia became the President of the Ms. Wheelchair California Pageant, and so much more! Cynthia is truly an inspiration and this is an interview you will never forget!

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