Patricia Larsen joins Dr. Bunny for a fun and fascinating discussion about carriage driving.

Patricia tells us about the different types of carriages and their applications, as well as the different types of horses used in carriage driving. She gives us some insight on teaching a horse to drive, as well as ride, so you can do many things with your horse – cart shows, county fairs, classes for carriages, and more!

The different disciplines in horsemanship are very steeped in tradition, as is carriage driving, and Patricia tells us about the particular ways of showing your horse and carriage.

Patricia is originally from Pittsburgh, then moved to Indiana with her family and was an art teacher for over 30 years. Horses have always been her passion, so she got her first horse in Indiana, then a few years later bought a horse farm and did horse boarding and training.

Tune in and learn more about Patricia, what brought her out to California, how she began teaching people how to drive carriages, and what sets her apart from other trainers. We’ll also learn more about miniature horses and ponies, and how they can be a fun (and, for some people, less intimidating) way to enjoy carriage driving.

This is a wonderful and inspiring discussion you don’t want to miss!

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