Dr. Cassie Woods, Physical Therapist and CEO of Children’s Therapy Network, Inc., joins Dr. Bunny to discuss physical, occupational and speech therapy for children.

Dr. Cassie tells us about the importance of therapy and how she got involved in helping children. She also shares that she’s going to be dancing for a charity at the Salsa Festival in Oxnard, July 29, 2018, raising money for the United States Adaptive Recreation Program, to promote outdoor activities for special needs people – a very special charity that is near & dear to her heart!

Would you like to support Dr. Cassie with a donation to the Salsa Festival Fundraiser?  If so, here’s the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/OxnardSalsaFestivalDrCassie/?ref=br_rs

Tune in for a loving and uplifting interview!

About Dr. Cassie Woods:

Cassandra Woods received her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda and her Doctorate Degree from Boston University. Ms. Woods specializes in the needs of children with developmental delays and provides a holistic approach to her practice. She is certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test and received her certification as an Infant Massage Instructor through IAIM®. Ms. Woods is available for lectures and educational seminars.

About Children’s Therapy Network Inc.:

Children’s Therapy Network is dedicated to helping families assist their children to reach their highest potential through a Holistic and Comprehensive Therapeutic approach.

Children’s Therapy Network’s purpose is to serve children with special needs by enhancing potential and fostering independence through high quality, innovative therapeutic programs and professional excellence within a natural environment. Children’s Therapy Network’s collaborative atmosphere is built upon a foundation of dignity and integrity Children’s Therapy Network is a unique company designed to serve each child’s special needs and we are dedicated to preserving the “whole” family approach, recognizing that each child is one part of a complex family unit.

Children’s Therapy Network (CTN) was established in 2000 by Cassandra Woods, Physical Therapist, for the purpose of providing multidisciplinary therapy programs and services to special needs children and their families. Ms. Woods believes in a holistic approach, and she recognized a need for a therapeutic community where everyone—the therapists, the families, and the children—are partners in a supportive, welcoming, empowering family-like environment. In order to accomplish this goal, Ms. Woods believes in a holistic approach, networking with providers of alternative therapies in order to treat not only the whole child, but the whole family as well.

Parent/Caregiver participation is not only encouraged but is expected, as we at Children’s Therapy Network believe that the family is the most important asset that a child has in achieving success. All of our therapists strive to empower the family to assist their child reach his/her highest potential.
Children’s Therapy Network provides a multidisciplinary approach to every child’s special needs.

Research has demonstrated that children who have been identified as being high risk for delays, or those born with a genetic disorder that puts them at risk for delays, make vast improvements in their development if they receive early intervention before the age of 3 years. Children who participated in an early intervention therapy program were found to need less therapeutic interventions in the future, as well as perform better in school and sports as compared to their counter peers who did not receive early intervention.

Children’s Therapy Network also provides services to children past the early intervention stage when it is found to be needed to continue to further their progress. CTN believes in a holistic approach, and offer several parenting classes, support groups, and therapeutic avenues.

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Also visit: https://www.childrenstherapynetwork.net/

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