Teresa Crocker-Chavez joins Dr. Bunny for a lively discussion about moving from California to Texas right before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and her coping skills during this unprecedented time in the world.

Teresa is a longtime friend of Dr. Bunny’s, as well as a fellow hypnotherapist. She and her husband, Ruben, became empty nesters, so they sold their house in southern California earlier this year and moved to San Antonio, Texas, at the end of February. They had a great time exploring their new location when they first got there, with all its great attractions – then COVID-19 put a screeching halt to that.  If Teresa had known she’d be quarantined for 2 1/2 months, she definitely would’ve spent every second of the first two weeks enjoying San Antonio & saved the unpacking for quarantine (but who knew??).

Can you imagine being in a new state, a new house and new neighborhood, and not being able to make any new social connections?  It’s pretty difficult to feel part of your new community when you’re in quarantine, but Teresa and Ruben found ways to do that (like donating part of their stimulus checks to the local food bank).

Teresa shares some great stories about how this pandemic has affected her and her family, how they have coped during this challenging time, and the tools that she has used to help herself through some dark moments.

This is truly an uplifting and interesting interview you don’t want to miss!

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