Diane Achatz, Transformational Health & Life Coach, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her unique approach to helping her clients with Diabetes. Diane shares her personal story of how she has been affected by Type 2 Diabetes, first with her family members, and then with herself. Once she was diagnosed, she began making small changes in her life that made a huge difference!

Diane tells us about her journey to becoming a health coach and the true joy she gets from helping others.

So, what is Diabesity?  If you are diabetic and overweight or obese, you suffer from Diabesity. Diane empowers people to find freedom from diabesity, with simple habit changes to help them lower blood glucose levels and improve their A1C.

This is a truly inspirational interview with a remarkable woman.  Don’t miss it!

About Diane Achatz:

After the diabetes diagnosis, I started to track everything I ate, and carefully monitored carbohydrates. I joined an online diet and healthy living community, attended diabetes education classes and learned everything I could about living with my conditions, and improving my health.

I stretched myself out of my comfort zone and signed up for Zumba classes and began a weight training program in addition to walking and using an elliptical trainer and vertical climber at home.

The important thing to remember is that you’re never too old to make the small, manageable lifestyle changes that bring you to your health and fitness goals.  If not now, when?

When I was able to improve my health to the point that my doctor actually told me he was proud of me, I knew I could help others improve too!

I believe whole, clean food and exercise is the best medicine!  In addition to keeping my blood sugar levels stable, regular exercise in the form of weight training and cardio helps me manage weight and Fibromyalgia.

It took a lot to convince me that exercise would help with Fibromyalgia symptoms.  It hurt to exercise and besides, I was always so tired!  Now I’m a believer!  I want to reach out to everyone suffering from excess weight, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other health concerns and assure them that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

I especially love that helping transform others enables me to transform as well.  That synergy is a beautiful thing!

Special note from Diane:  I have a booking link listed, and anyone who would like to book a free strategy call can schedule at https://go.oncehub.com/RenewedVitalityCoach

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