Pauline Sumbland joins Dr. Bunny in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to share her wonderfully interesting story about life in Cabo San Lucas, and what brought “a very conservative Brit” to Mexico from her home country of England.

Family is very important to Pauline, and she shares a lovely story about her granddaughter, who is an amazing artist at only 12 years old.

Pauline is a customer service representative, or more accurately, a very upscale personal concierge, at Quivira Los Cabos, which is where Dr. Bunny met her.

Tune in and hear why she loves the lifestyle in Cabo, and how it compares to the other places she’s lived – London, Monte Carlo, Mexico City, etc.

It’s clear that Pauline truly loves her life, and you’ll be inspired by her story!

About Quivira Los Cabos:

Situated on 1,850 acres, with three miles of pristine beaches, Quivira is a tranquil retreat offering everything from world-class fishing and spectacular golf to award-winning spas, dining and service. Quite simply, Quivira elevates the quintessential Cabo experience, drawing people from around the world year after year.

Quivira takes its name from an ancient legend about seven cities of gold. The story is inspired by the historic event in which Mérida, Spain, was conquered by the Moors in 1150 A.D. It tells the tale of seven bishops who fled with sacred religious relics, hoping to protect them from the invading Moors. According to legend, each of the seven bishops founded cities in lands far away. One of the cities was called “Quivira,” and it was said that the streets there were paved with gold. Such was the promise that ushered in the Golden Age of Exploration when explorers like Coronado, Pizarro and Cortes crossed uncharted waters to discover the new world.

Today, locals refer to this region as Paraiso Escondido, “Mexico’s Hidden Paradise,” and it is home to Quivira, Cabo’s finest luxury residential community. Rather than the fabled gold and rare gems, a beautiful natural landscape and enriching experiences await visitors. And just as the myth took on a life of its own, Quivira, too, inspires stories about the Q life in Cabo San Lucas — stories based on new adventures and unforgettable moments that will be shared and passed on by family and friends from generation to generation.

Traveling to Quivira is easy. For private jets, there is an executive airport only six miles from Quivira. There are more than 30 flights daily to the San Jose International Airport, a scenic, 20-mile drive away. When in Cabo, we encourage you to visit our Sales Office located just north of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort.

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