AmaniAmani Hishmeh joins Dr. Bunny to discuss being a pharmacy owner – both in Jordan and in America.  Amani has just opened her third pharmacy in Ventura County: Ventura County Pharmacy, at 3350 Loma Vista Rd. in Ventura, CA.

Amani’s motto for great service is “Treat everyone like they are family!”.  Her pharmacies really go above & beyond to give great service to everyone who walks thru the door – they have coffee, friendly smiles, quick service, and even delivery if you can’t make it in!  They also offer free blood pressure screening.  Even vaccines are available!

Amani explains the difference between vaccines, and you may be surprised to learn that there IS a difference in quality & content for each vaccine.  She shares some incredibly valuable information that you need to know.

Amani has amazing energy!  She is passionate about her work, her love of community, and her family.  She’s also passionate about a new diet:  The Ideal Protein Diet.  It is a simple diet & is, well Ideal!  Tune in and learn more!

A great interview with a fascinating, energetic woman!

Contact Amani Hishmeh at (805) 765-6046
Also visit: Ventura County Pharmacy, 3350 Loma Vista Rd., Ventura, CA – right across from Ventura County Hospital

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