Ryan Eberhardt joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the ways that the COVID-19 has changed his daily life. Ryan, his lovely wife, and their two children are Dr. Bunny’s neighbors. Dr. Bunny has wanted to interview Ryan for a very long time, but he’s been so busy!  Well, COVID-19 didn’t necessarily stop Ryan from being busy, he’s just been busy doing different things – and you won’t believe what he’s been doing.

The week before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ryan and his wife had the kitchen and flooring in their home torn out.  Ryan was on a business trip to Minnesota & when he arrived home, everyone who had been working on their house could no longer work due to COVID-19.  That left Ryan and his family with no oven, no stove, no bathroom, no floors, no kitchen – nothing!  So, Ryan went to Home Depot and got everything he needed to do the renovation himself!  He watched YouTube videos on electrical, drywall, how to lay hardwood floors, etc.  And, one piece at a time, he’s been putting the house back together himself!  What an awesome story!

Ryan manages professional education and global training activities for surgeons and other health care technicians. His work covers a range of heart (cardiovascular) and blood vessel (endovascular) devices and diagnostics.  For example, he trains surgeons how to use advanced devices that treat aneurysms and heart disease.

Ryan is very involved with his family and community, as well as being quite the athlete.  Last year he participated in Ironman and shares that incredible story.  Tune in for a great interview with an exceptional man who just can’t sit still!

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