Larry Elman, son of Dave Elman (who was a true pioneer in hypnosis!), joins Dr. Bunny to share some great hypnosis stories, discuss how hypnosis has progressed over the years, and how you know when you’ve found a good hypnotherapist.

Larry shares a great story about being 9 or 10 years old, in the audience of his father’s radio show, Hobby Lobby, when a guest hypnotist failed horribly – and his father saved the day! He also shares details about how that was the day his mother found out about his father’s background in hypnosis! While this was initially a shock to her, Pauline Reffe Elman went on to become one of the best female hypnotherapists of her time – a fact that is very notable, but rarely documented.

Lots of great memories and info in this very special interview!

About the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute:
The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute has been resurrected in the spirit of DAVE ELMAN who in 1949 demonstrated his rapid induction methods and knowledge of pain control to doctor friends.  As a result, he was asked to provide a course on hypnosis to physicians and dentists.  His students often researched further medical applications and reported these back to Dave to be included in his next course..  His courses on hypnosis taught more physicians this subject than any other teacher before or since.  The audio recording of the classes and his book HYPNOTHERAPY are regarded as classics in the field of Medical Hypnosis.

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