Rosandra Esquivel, President of HR Firm, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Human Resources and how HR Firm can help your business. Rosandra shares a very interesting story about how she had originally studied to be a Biochemical Engineer, earned 4 degrees, and found that her true calling was in Human Resources!

Rosandra’s positive attitude really shines through in this interview. Tune in and hear how she takes on challenges and turns those challenges in a win/win for all involved.

About HR Firm:

We are a full-service Human Resource company that provides small to mid-size businesses the opportunity to be compliant with State and Federal laws without having the cost associated with maintaining a full-time professional on staff.  Our team of seasoned HR professionals stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving Employment law world by attending national conferences, expanding their professional certifications and being involved in our community which translates to extensive hands-on experience.

Our mission is to support your company’s efforts to increase its productivity, contain costs, ensure compliance with government regulations and develop a strategy to reduce the risk and liability associated with managing your workforce.  Our services enable you to immediately address your needs and issues related to Human Resources through outsourcing.

We are not a temp agency, payroll provider or third party administrator. We are Human Resource experts who provide very real and effective advice, knowledge and tools to allow you to maximize your workforce to reach your goals.
We stand ready to be of service.

Our approach focuses on the key principles of Human Resources, which means we have solutions to just about any human resources related situation your company may encounter. Let us present a customized proposal of services geared to solve current challenges and head off future pitfalls. With over 15 years of experience, chances are we have – been there, done that, as well.

We help you …
• Ensure Compliance
• Develop Leadership
• Contain Labor Cost
• Retain Key Employees
• Strategically Plan Your Business Future

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