Susan Vanderburgh joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her husband’s kidney transplants and dialysis, as well as being his advocate.

Susan shares the story of meeting her handsome husband while attending college in San Francisco, and how their journey began. He was a cellular molecular biology major and Susan was a business major. Although their majors were very different, they ended up having quite a few elective courses together (fate!). He looked very healthy and fit, and she had no idea that he had already had two kidney transplants, having been born with bad kidneys.

Although Susan started out knowing nothing about kidney transplants or dialysis, she has become her husband’s advocate and is a wealth of information on this subject.  She is part of 10 different support groups for dialysis patients and potential organ donors, which helped her learn how to search for a donor.

Susan put her marketing skills & persistence to work, and this year she was able to find a live kidney donor for her husband. In June, he had his third kidney transplant.

Tune in and learn more about this important topic – and be prepared to be inspired by this incredible woman!

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