Bill Frank joins Dr. Bunny to discuss a very special project he is doing called the Life Story Program, at Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice.

Being on hospice care means that a person generally has six months, or less, to live.  These patients have a lifetime of stories to share, and those stories are incredibly important to their families, friends, and future generations, so Bill works with hospice patients to write their life stories for posterity.

Bill takes us through the process that he uses to capture these stories, and tells us about some interesting patients he has spoken with. He also shares info about the “5 Wishes worksheet” that Livingston Memorial has available, which is very helpful to people who are on hospice, as well as those who are not, and how it can add so much value to people’s lives.

Ventura County Museum of History is always looking for life stories, so life stories can be donated to their audio collection, if the person so desires.  This is wonderful for future generations to learn more about what life was like during a certain time period – the Depression, 9/11, Covid, etc.  It truly enhances the fabric of our county to have these kinds of personal stories from the people who lived here, as well as a very special gift for someone’s family.

Tune in for a wonderful interview, full of great information!

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