Restaurateur Roberto Jacobi joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the restaurant and catering business.  Robert owns a thriving catering business (Main Course in Ventura, CA), as well as a new Poke restaurant (Miso Hungry in Santa Barbara, CA) – so he knows the restaurant business well!

Want to know Robert’s advice if you’re thinking of getting into the restaurant business?  Tune in and learn some fun and informative info!

About Robert Jacobi:

Robert grew up in an Austrian Ski Resort near Salzburg. Throughout his teenage years he worked in hospitality. He later refined his skills by attending Swiss Hotel School (Vieux Bois) while working at the Hotel-du-Rhone in Geneva. Robert’s list of talents and experiences reads like a fun round-the-world movie script:

He worked as skipper on sail boats as a teenager during summer months and later on imported Warsteiner beer into Athens, Greece.

He Graduated Boston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and proceeded to work for International hotels and catering companies.

Robert is a trained classical guitarist. He has played with some world-famous musicians back in the “Hollywood days”.

After a lifetime of experience managing hospitality Robert found his home on the Gold Coast and started Main Course California.

About Main Course CA:

At Main Course CA, the success of your event is our most important priority. Our goal is to combine creativity, passion and professionalism in everything we do.

We offer a wide range of menu selections and food quality that will surpass the distinct taste of our client.

Main Course Ca is well known for our first class service and professionalism. We handle all of the details, assuring that our clients feel as if they are guests at their own successful event.

Serving great food, great people and a greater purpose.

Main Course California Catering contact info:

1363 Donlon Street, St. 11

Ventura, CA 93003

Phone 805-658-8900
Miso Hungry restaurant and catering contact info:
134 Canon Perdido
Santa Barbara, CA

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