Maggie Wilde

Maggie Wilde, Publisher to the Wellness Industry, award-winning Author, Clinical Therapist and creator of the unique Control, Program and Rewire (C P R) Brain Training Model™, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss mind potential – and being The Potentialist!

Maggie’s journey has had many extreme bumps along the way. From some very serious health issues, through some very scary low points, and to rebuilding her health one step at a time – this is one incredible story!

Tune in and learn why the question “What if you were to surrender to live, instead of fight to survive?” was a turning point for her.

An uplifting story you don’t want to miss!

About Maggie Wilde:

Maggie Wilde has helped thousands of clients and workshop participants throughout the world. She is ‘the Therapists’ Therapist, training and educating others in the industry to improve their results with clients too!

International Multi-Award Winning Author and Publisher

Maggie is a 10-time award winning Author and Publisher to the Wellness Industry. Her MIND POTENTIAL PUBLISHING HOUSE publishes books, e-books and e-courses for Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellness.

Maggie’s own books, e-books and online courses and those of the Wellness Practitioners she has published include:

Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind

Money & You Brain Training


Emotional Eating Solutions

★ Living Well with Autoimmune

Unzip Weight

Wellness Business by Design

A Widow’s Guide to Grief


★ Eating Secrets

★ What to Do When What You Did Didn’t Work: A Practitioners Handbook

★ Stress and Anxiety Relief in Minutes

★ A Good Enough Mother

★ My Coping Skills Handbook

★ Your Spiritual Gifts at Work

★ Dr. Joy’s Aromatherapy Donut

★ Is it a Habit or an Addiction?

★ Evolving Relationships and so more…

Mind Potential Publishing House: Publishes an exciting variety of new Wellness publications and e-Courses each year.

Media and Praise:

Maggie and her Wellness Practitioner Authors have appeared 100’s of times in National and International Media. Channel 7 Sunrise, The Daily Edition, Channel 9 – A Current Affair, San Diego Living, Women’s Day, London Daily Mail and more. For media and praise CLICK HERE

Maggie Wilde is the founder of:

MIND POTENTIAL ACADEMY – provides short online courses and books, e-books for personal development & potential.

MIND DESIGN CENTRE– provides therapeutic skills training and mentoring, plus marketing and business growth support for Practitioners in the Wellness Industry.

MIND POTENTIAL PUBLISHING HOUSE – publishes books, e-books and online courses for Practitioners in the Wellness Industry to help more people, build industry credibility and live the lifestyle they deserve too .


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