Mohammed Hasan joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the amazing work of OceanForesters, the health & quality of ocean water, the endless opportunities to solve the problems of water quality, and so much more! A truly fascinating & informative interview that you need to hear!

About OceanForesters:

Ocean Foresters – Dedicated to Improving the World

It is well known that carbon affects the environment.  I process for removing carbon from the atmosphere has been sought for years.  The most common way we are told to accomplish this end is not putting carbon into the air and depending on ‘natural’ processes to remove the carbon that currently is in the atmosphere.  So better cars, not using fossil fuels (which will eventually be exhausted), restricting our lives to reduce our carbon footprint, etc. What we need is an active way of reducing carbon.

We found it!  Nature showed the way and we have refined the process.

Naturally, nature captures carbon in living plants.  In the ocean, algae blooms and seaweed capture the carbon from the air as they grow.  When these plants die, they float to the bottom of the ocean and the carbon goes with it.  We have discovered a way of speeding up this process, capturing the carbon, and producing methane that can be a replacement for fossil fuels.  Definitely a win-win-win scenario.

OceanForesters has been working on keeping the ocean healthy for generations to come.  The group has been awarded a federal grant along with a few others to help explore and contribute to the well-being of our ocean. Mohammed A. Hasan, a co-founder of OceanForesters said, “If we take good care of our ocean, 70% of the planet surface will be in good shape. Healthy ocean can help solve food and energy problems among many other benefits”.

Here is how it works:
First we encourage the growth of seaweed naturally in the ocean.  The growing forests of seaweed will create an environment for an increasing food supply.
The seaweed is captured and placed in an Anaerobic Digester.  The digester allows the seaweed to be processed creating carbon dioxide and methane.
The methane can be used as energy to light our homes (as well as other energy uses).  The carbon dioxide is stored long-term, safely at the bottom of the ocean.
The carbon is taken out of the atmosphere and the total carbon is reduced!

About Mohammed A. Hasan, P.E., F. ASCE:
Mohammed A. Hasan is a licensed professional engineer and Registered Environmental Assessor and a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He received two masters degrees from the University of Iowa and is recognized as an authority on water; was chief of utilities for the City of Oxnard.
Areas of expertise
• Water and wastewater engineering
• Stormwater pollution prevention plans
• Transportation engineering
• Negotiations

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