Join Dr. Bunny Vreeland as she launches a new series of shows dedicated to the opioid addiction epidemic.

Many people think that an opioid addiction is something a ‘typical’ drug addict has, and that opioids are an illegal substance. Both of those assumptions could not be further from the truth.

Opioid addiction spans every generation, every walk of life, and affects people who have never been addicted to anything else. The stories are many and varied, and you will be stunned at the people who have unknowingly become addicted to something that was given to them by their doctor.

Today Dr. Bunny shares a story from a very dear friend, Garth Gilmartin. Garth couldn’t join her in-studio due to the arrival of a beautiful new baby into his family, but he wrote his story for her to share, because he wants people to know the importance of this issue – and that it can happen to anyone.

In 2004, Garth went to a doctor for back pain. The doctor suggested Garth see a specialist, and it was determined, after an MRI, that Garth has spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel thru the spine).

The specialist put Garth on a pain management regime, where he would take narcotics (Vicodin) 3 times a day. The pain did decrease, but little did Garth know that he was becoming addicted to a drug that would change his life forever.

Tune in and hear Garth’s harrowing story of addiction, withdrawal, and his painful uphill climb to recovery. Garth has been addiction-free for 11 years now, and he is a huge advocate for helping others to make the same decision that he made.

This is a story you need to hear!

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