Join Dr. Bunny Vreeland as she continues her new series of shows dedicated to the opioid addiction epidemic.  In today’s show, Dr. Bunny talks with someone (who has asked to remain anonymous), that has been touched by opioid addiction.

Unbeknownst to our guest, her former husband secretly became addicted to opioids while they were married.  She shares the devastating story of how it ruined their marriage, deeply affected her and their son, and the painful process of fighting a custody battle with a man addicted to drugs.  One astonishing fact is that the court apparently did not see this drug use as problematic since the drugs were prescribed by a doctor!

Tune in and learn more about this growing epidemic, how to recognize the signs of someone who’s become addicted, and how you can get help if you, or a loved one, is addicted to opioids.

Many people think that an opioid addiction is something a ‘typical’ drug addict has, and that opioids are an illegal substance. Both of those assumptions could not be further from the truth.

Opioid addiction spans every generation, every walk of life, and affects people who have never been addicted to anything else. The stories are many and varied, and you will be stunned at the people who have unknowingly become addicted to something that was given to them by their doctor.

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