Dotty Hopkins joins Dr. Bunny from Napa, California, to discuss real estate and so much more! Dr. Bunny met Dotty in the 80’s, when Dr. Bunny was living in Napa, and it is a connection she has never forgotten.  Dotty has extensive real estate experience in the Nappy Valley and she is very much a people person. The rapport she has with her clients (who many times turn into great friends) is very important to her.

Dotty tells us why she feels real estate really is the perfect job for a woman, and what the joys are in her business.  She also shares interesting info about her childhood, and what has made her resilient thru life’s ups & downs.

Dr. Bunny and Dotty also discuss the devastating fires that Napa Valley has experienced recently, and the toll that it has taken on the area.

A very interesting and informative interview you don’t want to miss!

About Dotty Hopkins:

I have been listing and selling residential property in the Napa Valley full time since 1985, mainly specializing in country property be it luxury homes or charming retreats and assisting buyers in acquiring their slice of Napa Valley heaven. In addition, I have sold every variety of property: Old Town Napa, which is becoming increasingly popular with the revitalization of downtown going on; residential neighborhood homes, vineyards; building sites and fixers. As a 34 year member of Silverado Country Club, I have sold dozens of properties there to weekenders and full time residents alike. I love finding that perfect property for buyers and seeing how their new home enhances their lives. It’s a thrill each time that happens!

I have been enjoying life in the Napa Valley since moving here in 1973. I’m a graduate of Sonoma State University with a BA in Political Science, and have a unique background that includes being an owner of Napa’s first cooking school in the 1980s, and Terra Bella Vineyards, a 40 acre Rhone varietal vineyard in Paso Robles, CA with husband, Jack. Starting the vineyard from scratch has given me personal expertise in vineyard properties which I have found very helpful in my real estate practice. There’s nothing like investing your own money in something to really understand it!

Dotty Hopkins & Associates, Keller Williams Napa Valley, 951 California Boulevard, Napa, CA 94559

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