Devon Sophia, artist, teacher, and holistic healing practitioner, joins Dr. Bunny for an incredibly fascinating conversation about sound healing, energy medicine, and Pure Love Holistic Arts.

Devon Sophia shares the story of her background, working in many different capacities as a teacher and tutor. She also explains that during difficult times in her own personal life, she found that energy work and sound healing were extremely helpful, and how she is now able to see students on a soul level.

Devon Sophia explains Chakra alignment, toning circles, having a Heaven-on-Earth connection, and what her goal is when working with her students.  We are also treated to some toning during this wonderful interview – such a special experience!

Tune in and prepare to be inspired!

About Devon Sophia:

Devon Sophia Delaney is a creative artist, teacher, and holistic healing practitioner. Devon Sophia is a nurturing, growing, ever evolving, and enriching educator. She is an intuitive receiver and messenger of divine feminine wisdom. A certified Reiki master, her healing practices also include vocal sound toning, meditation, affirmative prayer, and divination arts.  Devon holds a Master’s degree in Education which she combines with her healing modalities to create a powerful curriculum for Holistic Education.

Starseed Tutoring:

Starseed tutoring is offering an alternative to traditional tutoring by honoring the multi-dimensional holistic perspective of the whole child. The Starseed is any individual that feels a connection to the stars.  These may be Crystal Children, Indigos, Rainbow Children, and those with other connections to the stars.

Starseed tutoring honors the natural development of the child, including the physical brain development, as well as intuition, imagination, and inspiration.  By creating space to receive intuition, nurture creative imagination, and share inspiration in the natural world, children are more likely to easily live in alignment with their soul’s calling.  Integrating my awareness of this holistic perspective, as well as my wealth of experience teaching and learning from children in a myriad of educational environments from general to specialized to alterative forms of education, I am prepared to serve the highest and best good for your child and family.

Areas of Service in Starseed Tutoring: 

* K-5 Academic Teaching (reading, writing and math)

* Identifying Academic levels and core needs through Informal classroom-based assessments that will support the holistic development of the child on a soul level

* Share understanding and support of awakening intuition

* Bring inspiration from the natural world into the classroom

* Encourage the pure imagination and creativity of the child

* Collaborate with families on the best holistic learning plan for their Starseed child

* Foster magic, hope and love, and stories of happily ever after

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