Merry Grey, owner of Channel Islands Design, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss website design and saving Dr. Bunny’s life (ok, maybe not her LIFE, but definitely her WEBSITE!!).

Merry tells us how she got started in business 40 years ago, and shares important info about website creation & design, as well as answering questions like “Do you really want a blog on your website?”, and “Can’t I just create this myself?”.  

Merry also shares what the biggest changes and challenges have been in her business over the last 40 years.

In addition to website design and creation, Channel Islands Design does photo stills and video, logos, branding, digital marketing, ads, brochures, and so much more!  Their reputation for excellent service, performance and results is outstanding!

Whether your needs are great or small, Channel Islands Design will help you bring your project to life (or save your project’s life, as Dr. Bunny can attest to!).

About Channel Islands Design:

Established in 1980, Channel Islands Design (CID) has been ad agency, design firm, and fast responder with creative designs for Web, Digital Marketing, and Print. With extensive experience in Print, Packaging, and Multimedia we make it simple for our clients with a single solutions creative source. At CID every service is performed in-house, allowing us to keep expenses down, while retaining accuracy and desired results with every creative project we take on. We have clients that have stayed with us for over 2 decades; We’re there when they need us, and we’ll be there for you too. We understand the importance of integrity, trust and communication.

We’re happy to be your full service Creative Solutions Partner for the long haul.

Whether your needs are great or small, we’ll give you excellence in service, performance and attitude.

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