Tricia Fortina, MultiPure Independent Builder and water expert, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss one thing we can’t live without: water! Tricia has been working with water for about 10 years and she has some very valuable insight to share.

With over 13,000 drinking water systems on the market, the choices can certainly be overwhelming. Tricia gives us great information so we can make an informed decision when choosing our drinking water. For instance, we’ll learn the difference between a Britta water filter jug that sits on the counter and more sophisticated options that can filter out over 10 times more contaminants.

Did you know that the average person spends over $5,000 a year on bottled water? Even that “good deal” on a case of bottled water adds up very quick! And as for the plastic that bottle of water is in – did you ever think about what that plastic does to the water, especially when it’s sitting in the sun?

Tricia also shares great information about the MultiPure drinking water systems, shower & bath filters, and why they are so essential.

Tune in and learn everything you need to know about water!

About MultiPure:

Multipure is a company that believes in improving quality of life, whether by providing products to make people healthier, or by providing the opportunity for financial success. Multipure believes in family, and in work that complements home and family life.

Multipure believes that everyone should have affordable access to high quality drinking water – water that is clean, delicious, and healthful; water that is free of contaminants that could negatively affect its taste, its appearance, and its healthfulness; water that is perfect for families, children, and pets.

Multipure is not just the industry leader and provider of the best drinking water systems in the world. Multipure believes in providing the tools for people to create their own success, to achieve their dreams, and to help others discover their opportunity. Through the Multipure Business Opportunity, Multipure wants to help people achieve not just success, but personal growth and development, to help them gain self-awareness and self-confidence, and help them discover and utilize their inner potential.

Multipure wants to improve the world, one glass of water at a time, one person at a time.

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