Mike McBain

Mike McBain

Mike McBain joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the code he lives by – how he came by the code & how he became the person he is today.  A fascinating interview with an amazing man who gives us hope!

About Mike McBain:
Mike grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He started, owned, and managed Central Courier in 1977 and grew it to 50 employees and over $2.4 million in sales. In 2010 he sold 60% of Central and he and his partner bought a trucking company with 15 employees and $1 million in sales. He has owned a variety of other companies in Ventura County over the past 30 years.

Mike earned an MBA from CSUN in 1999 and served on the board of directors for the California Delivery Association, Employers Advisory Council, Boys and Girls Club of Ventura, and Ventura Downtown Lions Club and on the board of advisors for Ventura Adult Continuing of Education. Central Courier won the Best Midsized Ventura Business of 2007 from the Chamber of Commerce.

About McBain Managerial Accounting:
Mike McBain will listen to what you want and what you need to develop a successful, healthy business. He will give you his advice from 38 years of business ownership and management experience to help you achieve what you want.
Areas where you may need help:
•    Evaluating your own interests and talents
•    Evaluating a business and its potential
•    Creating a business plan
•    Forecasting and budgeting numbers
•    Finding and evaluating partners, investors, and lenders
•    Market research and pricing
•    Team building
•    Outsourcing
•    Managing
•    Accounting and insurance
•    Sales and collections
•    Payroll and taxes
•    Improving business valuation
•    Leadership succession planning
•    Exiting

Mike has confronted problems in all areas. He does not know everything, but he will quickly let you know what you need to know or refer you to a better source.

Contact Mike McBain at (805) 432-4228  or Email: mmcbain@montalvocenter.com

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