Michael Mercer, Founder of NAVA, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the NAVA Pouch.  The NAVA Pouch is an herbal pouch consisting of CBD and CBG Hemp flower.  It is designed to go inside of a handheld, portable, dry herb vaporizer.

Although dry herb vaporizers have been around for a very long time, there were challenges that came with using one. Michael explains how the NAVA Pouch solves these challenges & makes it so much easier.

Michael also explains how and why the NAVA Pouch came to be, and the process of making this unique product. He also explains how you can harness the medicinal benefits of the Hemp plant, without getting “high”.

Tune in for a fascinating, informative interview, and learn how beneficial the NAVA Pouch can be!

About Michael Mercer:

“I was 43 when I was starting to re-explore how CBD & CBG could play a positive role in my life. I was looking for a natural herbal solution to assist me with stress, pain, anxiety, and sleep relief. As I experimented with various products on the market, I came to some important realizations. First, I absolutely loved the pure natural herb but I was not a fan of smoking. Second, although oil pens were more discreet and convenient, I disliked the idea of putting anything chemically processed or unnatural, into my body. There wasn’t much available for someone like me, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was looking for an alternative. So I got to work coming up with new ideas, and NAVA was born.

NAVA was created so that people could enjoy the benefits of the natural plant, but consume it in a way that is free of smoke and chemicals. The NAVA Pouch is the best solution for anyone searching for a smarter and healthier delivery method. It’s a clean way to enjoy the many benefits of natural CBD & CBG hemp flower and other medicinal herbs for overall well-being.” – Michael Mercer, Founder

The benefits of NAVA:

Measured Dose

Each NAVA pouch contains a measured dose of natural CBD & CBG hemp flower, making it easier for you to control the effect.

Reduced Toxins

Natural vapor reduces toxicants, odor and smoke.

No Waste

The NAVA Pouch’s no-burn delivery method means you’re fully enjoying the flower, not burning it away.

Eco Friendly and Easy

No mess. No fuss. 100% naturally compostable.

Buy yours today at: https://www.navapouch.com/

From Farm to Bag:


Sourced from the best sustainable organic farms in the country, we start with natural CBD & CBG hemp flower that is lab-tested to ensure purity and safety.

Safe Travel

The flower travels directly from our farms to our facilities.

Inspected For Quality

At our facility, it’s inspected for quality. Once we’re satisfied, the flower is ground and prepped for packaging.

Protective Bag

We add the ground flower to our pouches, seal and enclose them in a protective bag where they’ll be safe from the elements.

Buy yours today at: https://www.navapouch.com/

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