Leslie Reese

Leslie Reese, Real Estate Broker and Owner of Las Vegas Realty Group, joins Dr. Bunny in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss how the real estate business in Vegas has changed (and how it’s booming!).

There’s a lot going on in real estate in Las Vegas right now – a lot of businesses coming in, homes being built, restaurants opening – and Las Vegas is #1 in growth in the nation! Leslie explains why that is, and how Las Vegas is embracing sports and business in a very big way!

Leslie shares great info about all the wonderful things there are to do in the Las Vegas area (no, it’s not all about casinos!), including hiking, boating and so much more. She also tells us why so many people who live in Las Vegas feel that it’s got everything anyone would ever need!

A wonderfully informative & fun interview!

About the Las Vegas Realty Group:
The Las Vegas Realty Group takes pride in providing clients with outstanding service. Our team is comprised of long term Realtors® who work closely together. We really believe in honesty and integrity. We think these two principles are what make our team so successful. Without honesty and integrity we wouldn’t be able to achieve a 95% referral base, which is the foundation of our business. Our goal is to WOW our clients and create what we call “Raving Fans” who will refer their friends and family to us as well. We look forward to helping you with your most precious investment.

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