Deborah_RobersBusinesswoman Deborah Roberts,  joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her finding balance between business, family, and her amazing relationship with a wonderful man.  Deborah shares her personal story of how she got started in business, and along the way fell in love with a very special man – who is so full of energy, joy & love, that age just doesn’t matter.

Deborah Roberts owns Cloud 9 Telcom and she is a consultant (aggregator) for business phone systems, computer networks, computer infrastructure, etc.  Deborah works with a wide variety of businesses across the nation to fulfill their telecommunication needs.

Deborah’s business has taken her all over the country, working with many different companies and learning all aspects of the telecommunications industry.

Deborah’s goal is to build her company up to be something strong.  She’s always dreamed of owning her own company & her dream has come to fruition!  She is looking for some very motivated salespeople with Telcom background to join her company.  If you believe you are that person, give her a call!!

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