Joseph Gilbert

Joseph Gilbert joins Dr. Bunny to discuss words, language, and how words are impactful.

A word is two things at once: it’s a sound & it refers to a thing. How are vocalizing and verbalizing different?  Vocalizing predates verbalizing. Vocalizing communicates emotion.

Verbalizing also communicates emotion, but it brings to mind specific things. Have you ever thought about that?

Joseph looks at language as the active creator of the culture. We can use a computer as a metaphor: the hardware would be the language, the culture would be the operating system and the software would be what you can do within that culture.

Did you ever stop and think about the feeling that goes along with a word? Did you ever wonder how the meaning of a word affects you, or evokes emotion in you?

The roots of our language go back to pre-Greek and pre-Roman times.

Tune in and learn how culture is passed along from generation to generation, and so much more.

This is a fascinating interview that will have you thinking about the things you say every day!

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