Joe Lara joins Dr. Bunny today to discuss wrestling, and how he almost became a professional wrestler.

Wrestling seems to run in Joe’s family & Joe tells a great story about how his Grandfather’s brother wrestled another fighter & got beat up – then he turned up at dinner!

You’ll learn who Gorgeous George, Pat Patterson and El Pantera Negro are, and so much more!

Joe is a fascinating man with many great stories.  Tune in and prepare to be entertained and inspired!

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Joe’s most recent post (Jan. 21, 2019) regarding the fundraiser:

It’s been a month since my colon cancer surgery. The pain is mostly gone, but the scars are still very tender. I got upgraded to lift 20 lbs, but I’m still not allowed to return to work. Being a self employed plumber means I have had NO income coming in since October 1st. I’m not allowed back to work until March or April. My only source of income are the donations that I received from a lot of you. My bill from the first hospital was $30,000. And my monthly expenses are $4000. I’m still waiting for the big bill from the surgery and I’m on pins and needles with worry. If anyone can help with donations I can really use your help! Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you! Joe

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