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Ask Dr. Bunny. How are words impactful? Joseph Gilbert, guest

Joseph Gilbert

Joseph Gilbert joins Dr. Bunny to discuss words, language, and how words are impactful.

A word is two things at once: it’s a sound & it refers to a thing. How are vocalizing and verbalizing different?  Vocalizing predates verbalizing. Vocalizing communicates emotion.

Verbalizing also communicates emotion, but it brings to mind specific things. Have you ever thought about that?

Joseph looks at language as the active creator of the culture. We can use a computer as a metaphor: the hardware would be the language, the culture would be the operating system and the software would be what you can do within that culture.

Did you ever stop and think about the feeling that goes along with a word? Did you ever wonder how the meaning of a word affects you, or evokes emotion in you?

The roots of our language go back to pre-Greek and pre-Roman times.

Tune in and learn how culture is passed along from generation to generation, and so much more.

This is a fascinating interview that will have you thinking about the things you say every day!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Computers and Viruses and Malware? Oh My! Kier Shapiro, guest.

Computer expert Kier Shapiro joins Dr. Bunny to discuss all things computers.  Kier explains malware, viruses, fishing and scams – and how they can be avoided.  You’ll also find out how Dr. Bunny met Kier, and hear how Kier saved the day!

Tune in and learn how Kier got started in computers, how he got certified in certain software, and became an independent computer expert in 2000.

Whether it’s a computer, tablet or cell phone, technology is essential to our daily life, and this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Kier Shapiro & Kier Associates:

Kier Associates (formerly Kier Shapiro Consulting) was founded by Kier Shapiro in 1996 while he was employed by New Horizons Computer Learning Center.  At the time Kier was the training supervisor and a technical trainer himself. Frequently during the course of presenting classes, he was asked if he could perform consulting services and customized training outside of the offerings of New Horizons. Recognizing this need, he formed the consulting service and left New Horizons a year later.

In 1997 he was contracted by XO Communications (formerly NEXTLINK Communications) to design, install, train, and support a nationwide 600-user Sales Force Automation system built around ACT! and was subsequently hired. He primarily focused on his responsibility to XO Communications while still working part-time in the consulting capacity at Kier Associates. Kier stayed with XO Communications through spring of 2000 at which time he completed orchestrating the replacement of his SFA system with the next generation of Customer Relations Management applications, Siebel Systems.

Since spring of 2000, Kier has been focusing specifically on consulting services in the areas of custom ACT! installation and development, computer networking, computer system upgrade and support, and software training. As with all people in the computer industry, Kier has been keeping current on the latest cutting edge technologies and certifications.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Islands Of Deception, Lying With The Enemy? Connie Hood, guest

Author Connie Hood joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her new book, Islands Of Deception – Lying With The Enemy.

Connie shares a fascinating story that will have you intrigued from the very first moment. You’ll learn how she got this incredible information to start with, which in itself is fascinating! The story came to Connie in pieces, and the process was amazing. This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Islands Of Deception – Lying With The Enemy:

Imagine learning that your father was a spy, someone who had carefully concealed his cultural heritage and his WWII exploits. A sheaf of papers arrived in the mail more than 50 years after these events had taken place. What happened was verified in U.S. Army records and the conflicting accounts that he and his sister had related over the years. In this case, a new story emerged after time had erased the original scenes.

About Constance Hood:
Constance Hood has earned professional credits as an artist and a writer in both theatre and classical music. These interests and a passion for story telling first emerged while a student at Occidental College where she earned her BA in Comparative Literature as well as a minor in music. Her day job was as a literacy expert, educating students from “Which way do you hold the book?” through Advanced Placement Writing skills. Mrs. Hood served in the Los Angeles City Schools as a teacher, Literacy Coach, and Grants Coordinator, picking up graduate degrees in education along the way. She also contributed to textbooks and instructional materials in the arts and in language acquisition. Creative thinking and the arts remained at the center of all work, whether it was teaching students how to envision a scene, or leading adult workshops in theatre and writing. For nearly a decade she wrote instructional materials for Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, and performed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic youth programs as a workshop artist.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Heaven on Earth in Port Angeles, Washington?

Colette’s Bed and Breakfast

Christy, owner of Colette’s Bed and Breakfast in Port Angeles, Washington, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how she and her husband found, and purchased, one of the most beautiful places on Earth – and how you can experience the peace and beauty, too. The pressure of ‘modern day life’ just falls to the wayside when you come to Colette’s Bed and Breakfast, a 10 acre oceanfront estate.

Colette’s has been called ‘The Garden For All Seasons’ and voted ‘The Best Place To Kiss’, as well as one of the ‘Top 10 Romantic Inns’, and a ‘Utopian Oceanfront Hideaway’.

At Colette’s they really want you to feel cared for. If you’re looking for ‘Heaven on Earth’, as Dr. Bunny calls it, you need to visit Colette’s Bed and Breakfast – you will not be disappointed!

About Colette’s Bed and Breakfast:

We are delighted to share one of Washington State’s most distinctive destinations and best kept secrets, the Olympic Peninsula.

We enjoy sharing our love of nature, passion for entertaining and the art of relaxation with our guests, and continually draw inspiration from the natural beauty and the majestic coastal setting of Colette’s.

Our team has spent many years enjoying and experiencing the great outdoors. We’ve combined the best in hospitality with local love and knowledge of the Pacific Northwest. Consisting of avid hikers, backpackers, cyclists, nature enthusiasts … and self-proclaimed “foodies”, we’re eager to share all that the Olympic Peninsula and Victoria have to offer. Our inn manager, Anita, is ready to welcome you with her warm southern charm and assist with any details to make your stay with us at Colette’s a truly memorable one. Each morning begins with culinary delights prepared by Chef,Cody. Having grown up in Port Angeles he offers an innovative culinary style characterized by fresh, local ingredients. His experience and knowledge of the area allows him to procure the best and most healthful ingredients to highlight this bountiful region and the gifts of the season.

One visit to our breathtaking 10 acre oceanfront estate makes you understand why Colette’s has been a favorite getaway for so many couples. Over the years, the property has developed into a romantic retreat that reflects the natural beauty that is the Pacific Northwest.

For your convenience, our concierge services are available even before you arrive. Every special event is planned to the smallest detail and brought to life with the finest in personal service. We can custom tailor special occasions to your individual tastes.

We hope that what we have put together on our website gives you a taste of our romantic coastal retreat.
We appreciate the time you have taken to pay us a virtual visit. We hope it’s the first of many. We look forward to welcoming you personally.

Contact Colette’s Bed and Breakfast: (360) 457-9197   Toll free: (877) 457-9777 or E-mail

Colette’s Bed and Breakfast is located at 339 Finn Hall Road, Port Angeles, WA 98362
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Who can help me figure out Medicare? Ken Wood, guest.

Ken Wood

Insurance broker, Ken Wood, founder of Best Access Insurance in Ventura, CA, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the why’s, when’s and how-to’s of Medicare.  Anyone who has tried to decipher the many choices and options of Medicare will tell you that having help is a must!

So why go to a broker who specializes in Medicare insurance? Because a broker can tell you about many different options that are available, not just one or two. Ken is very knowledgeable about all the facets of Medicare and has tons of experience to help you make the choices that are right for YOU. And get this: Ken’s expertise will not cost you anything!

If you are drowning in a sea of Medicare paperwork (or about to!), give Ken a call and let him help you ease through the process. You’ll be very glad you did!

About Ken Wood
Best Access Insurance was founded by Ken Wood in 2007 and has been serving people in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and other areas ever since. We enjoy serving people and helping them find the best insurance coverage for their present and future needs. We’re committed to being informed, honest, and ethical in all of our business dealings and will always approach your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.

Why Best Access Insurance?

•We can save you money & time while insurance shopping by helping you match your desired benefits with your desired price.
•We will help and advise you in completing your insurance plan application.
•After your application submission, We’ll monitor the underwriting process to help improve your odds at being approved.
•Best of all…our service is Free. There is no additional cost for our service (AKA… no broker fees). In other words, you’ll pay the same price using our services as you would if you applied directly with whichever company you applied for insurance coverage with… Guaranteed.

Contact Ken Wood at (866) 734-0040 or by e-mail:
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Best Access Insurance is located at:  3445 Telegraph Rd #102, Ventura, CA 93003

Best Access Insurance Satellite Office: 1010 North Central Ave. Glendale 91202 (scheduled meeting available)

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