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Ask Dr. Bunny. Yoga? Andrea Jensen and Michael Tang, guests.

Andrea Jensen and Michael Tang, owners of Sunkissed Yoga in Camarillo, join Dr. Bunny to discuss yoga, how they got involved in yoga, and how they decided to open this very special business.

Andrea and Michael explain the different styles of yoga, and how yoga has helped them in their lives, both physically and emotionally.

Can you practice yoga if you aren’t flexible? Is yoga a religion? Do you need to eat a special diet when you do yoga? Tune in and learn the answers to these questions & more!

About Sun Kissed Yoga (SKY):

SKY is a locally owned yoga studio located in beautiful Old Town Camarillo. We are right across the street from the Saturday farmer’s market and just next door to the famous surf and skate shop, Revolution.

SKY was started by two young entrepreneurs, Michael and Andrea. Both with a dedicated yoga practice and a passion to share that way of life with others.

Our mission is to create a strong yoga community in Camarillo by bringing people together. We offer a range of classes from a relaxing stretch class to a challenging and sweaty vinyasa flow.

Your mat. Your journey.

Yoga Studio Etiquette (from

  • If you come with an open mind, the possibilities are endless. We recommend approaching the practice without any judgement, expectation, or self-doubt.

  • Please don’t wear any perfume, cologne, or scented lotions. Pranayama (breath work) is a huge part of the practice and heavy scents can make it difficult.

  • Please remove your shoes before you enter the practice space.

  • Please leave your phone in the car. We understand if you need to have it close by, but please make sure it’s on silent. Vibrations and ringtones can be distracting to others.

  • We recommend bringing a small towel just in case you get sweaty and water to hydrate. We don’t sell bottled water at the studio but we do having a water station where you can refill your reusable bottle.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to class so you have time to set up and get situated. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after class starts, you won’t be allowed to take class.

  • Do not leave during savanasa. We understand that you may need to leave class early, so please make arrangements to leave before the final meditation.

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Visit Sun Kissed Yoga at 2237 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA, 93010

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Ask Dr. Bunny. A woman in Aerospace? Patricia Ordaz, guest.

Patricia Ordaz, Director of Operations for COC Aerospace, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how she went from scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins to discovering her love of Aerospace many years ago. Patricia found that the daily unpredictability and problem solving was something she embraced & really loved!

Patricia shares interesting information about the Aerospace industry, what COC Aerospace does, and how their business is growing. This is a fascinating interview with a strong, intelligent woman!

About COC Aerospace:

Founded in 1967, COC continues over 50 years of customer solutions based support for the aging aircraft our customers operate. COC began operations with a single aerospace program supporting Bell Helicopter and their licensee program with Italian aerospace firm, Giovanni Agusta. We provided complete supply chain for procurement and international transport of the components of the Bell 204 and 205 helicopter that Agusta was assembly for sales outside the us. As these Agusta/Bell helicopters were delivered to governments worldwide, the operators began needing spare parts. COC took on the associated supplier role for both Agusta and Bell.

Soon, these end users from around the world were requesting a wide range of aerospace products from COC, including spares for all their US manufactured aircraft, ground support equipment, test equipment and technical training.

Over time, COC grew its customer base to more than 35 countries. In the early 1990’s, COC focused on platform-specific support of the F-5 and T-38. In 1992 Northrop-Grumman appointed COC as a licensee of their total spare support program for the F-5 and T-38. In 2007, COC teamed with EADS-CASA on a comprehensive F-5B life extension and structural upgrade program for the Spanish Air Force. 20 F-5Bs underwent complete rebuild with COC providing the aero-structure components and EADS-CASA performing the final assembly. Today, under CEO Chris Garville’s continued leadership, COC provides complex life extension and sustainment solutions including aero-structures, flight control components, landing gear reconstruction, modernization packages and periodic maintenance kits that provide customers with the ability to extend the service life of their aging aircraft.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. How do sales and communication relate to your personal life? John Baillie, guest.

John Baillie, Founder and CEO of JB Broadcasting, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss communication, sales and service. John has a had long career in sales and shares valuable information, ideas and stories that will get you thinking!

Even though many people say they are not salespeople, the truth is that we are all sales people – sales is part of our everyday life! Selling an idea to a parent? Selling your point of view to a friend? Think about that for a moment.

John says the greatest attribute a salesperson can have is to be a good listener. Ask questions and get as much information as you can. Listen to what the other person wants. Hear their needs. Listen with the intention of learning, not with the intention of waiting for your turn to talk. In that way, you can know what your customer (or friend or family) wants.

What does John think is the hardest sales job?

Why does John say failure is good?

What kind of contract did John make with his kids?

Tune in and learn these answers and more!

About John Baillie:
John grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which is 25 miles north of Boston. Because of the escalation in Viet Nam he enlisted in the Army and was assigned to the Medical Corp as an operating room technician. After active duty he completed his college education and received his degree in Business Administration and married his loving wife Ginny. In 1973 they relocated to Southern California from Boston, and he has worked for three different major food service manufactures as their Western Regional Sales Manager for over 30 years.

After John’s children graduated from college and left home, he started his radio sales career with Cumulus Broadcasting and 92.7 Jill FM. The president and CEO wanted to draw on John’s successful background in sales and sales mangement to help other business leaders. That’s when John was asked to start a live radio program to reach out to those leaders. His afternoon radio show on AM 1400 KKZZ, was called “Driving Home with John Baillie”, between 4:00 P – 6:00 P. He was invited to host four closed-circuit television shows on Leisure Village Television Network. With a viewership of over three thousand homes. John developed and hosted the show “FYI” on LVTV. He interviewed intriguing people who share what they are passionate about, awkward, funny, intense and sometimes emotional. With his broadcasting experienced he developed his mission statement, “Ideas Communicated Daily”

John and his wife Ginny, of fifty years, have three children and four grandchildren. They live in Oxnard, CA.

Contact John Baillie at (805) 906-9010
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Fire? Mudslide? How can I prepare? Jann Huling and Alma Vargas, guests

The devastating recent Thomas Fire and Montecito mudslides have left us all with many questions. If you are someone who lost everything, how do you recover? If you did not lose everything, how do you prepare for the next disaster or emergency?

Jann Huling and Alma Vargas, from Service Master, join Dr. Bunny to discuss how to prepare for an emergency, and how to find help if you have been a victim of the recent disasters.

Jann and Alma give incredibly valuable tips on preparation and getting things organized for any potential disaster. This interview is loaded with info that you need to know!

You could be in a good place in your life right this minute, but a tragedy could come in 24 hours. Think about that for a minute – within 24 hours you could potentially be homeless. For most of us, that is very hard to imagine, but use that knowledge to prepare now.

Here are just a few tips that Jann and Alma share:

– Have everything in one location – birth certificates, marriage certificates, family photos.

– Have extra water, pet food, easy food items (nothing that needs a can opener or has to be cooked) stored in your garage, or vehicle.

– Take a look around your home. What items are most important to you? What are the necessities that you would need immediately, if you had to evacuate. What items would be most important to save if you lost your house?

– Sit down with your family. Make a list of the things you have and where it’s located. Each person should have their own spot where their valuables & important items are located, so that it is easily accessible if you need to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Make a plan & go through it with the whole family.

– If you do have valuables in your house, make sure they are listed with your insurance – rings, jewelry, guitars, even wine!

– Keep in mind that, if you lost your home to a disaster, it is up to you to prove what you owned. It is an excellent idea to video each room in your house. Open drawers where valuable items are located and make a video of the contents. Keep this video in a safe place, and make a duplicate of it to keep in a different, safe, location. A video showing the contents of your home will be immensely helpful if you were to lose everything in a disaster.

Tune in and learn more! Stay safe & be prepared!!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. New Year, New Laws? Roy Schneider, guest.

Attorney Roy Schneider, senior partner of Schneider and Associates, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the new laws that went into effect on January 1, 2018.

Each year brings new laws and this year is no exception. From requiring changing tables in men’s restrooms, to the multitude of new labor laws, Roy shares lots of valuable information on what is new, and what has changed.

Labor law is one main focus in Roy’s practice. California’s labor laws can be complex and employers need to know what to do to protect themselves. One of the best things that any employer can do is to make sure they have an up-to-date employee handbook, because it covers the laws and answers a lot of the questions.

If there is ever a problem and an employee makes a complaint to the Labor Commissioner, the Labor Commissioner will want to see the handbook, so employers need to make sure they have the most current handbook.

Roy discusses the changing minimum wage, how minimum wage differs with number of employees (and location!), and what an exempt employee actually is. The details of these laws in California are astounding and can be very confusing.

The new laws also outline what questions can be asked during an interview or on an application.

What are the new laws regarding family leave? What is sexual harassment training? Gender neutral restroom requirements? Tune in and find out these answers & more!

This is a fascinating interview, filled with information that all employers, and employees, need to know!

2018 Employment Law Update seminar January 24, 2018: 

Attorneys Roy Schneider and Theodore Schneider will present the 2018 Annual Employment Law Update. Topics will include new laws, regulations, and court rulings that will affect employers in 2018. This is a well attended event. Early Registration is recommended. For more information or to register early, email

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