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Ask Dr. Bunny. Can kids be helped by a mentor? Jim McGinley, guest

Jim McGinley joins Dr. Bunny in Santa Clara, California, at Brendon Burchard’s World’s Greatest Speaker seminar, to discuss a very inspirational story.

Jim’s story begins with hope, or actually, lack of hope. Jim’s son, Ryan, who was a freshman in high school at the time, had been sick for about a month and was very behind. Ryan felt like there was no hope of ever getting caught up and finishing his school year. Jim mentored his son through this whole process of completing his school work, one step at a time, and watched his son go from being despondent and hopeless, to being a positively charged & inspired young man. Ryan went on to proceed through high school with amazing grades and even graduated college with honors!

Jim has learned that if you give a person the “Why”, they will will figure out the “How”!

When Ryan saw that Jim believed in him, he believed in himself. It was quite a learning experience and Jim realized that all kids need someone to believe in them, and someone to tell them they CAN DO IT!

It’s amazing what young people can achieve when they realize there’s someone behind them, rooting for them & saying “You can do it!”.

An inspiring & uplifting story!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Positive Parenting? Debbie Godfrey, guest

Debbie Godfrey, certified Parent Educator, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss parenting and how things have changed over the years. In Debbie’s business, Positive Parenting, she’s seeing many more Dads attending her classes, which is a good thing!

Debbie and Dr. Bunny also discuss corporal punishment, something that has made headlines in the news lately.  Is corporal punishment ok?  Tune in and hear the answer from an expert!  A valuable interview you don’t want to miss!

What is Positive Parenting?

Positive Parenting is for parents that want to discipline their kids without breaking their spirit. It is a program that is focused on developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect. Positive Parenting focuses on teaching children not just what but also why. Positive parenting means training children toward self-control.

About Debbie Godfrey:

Debbie Godfrey, certified Parent Educator, brings over 20 years of expertise in the parenting education field.

Through her business, Positive Parenting, she teaches the Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting skills class and the Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom training in schools and community centers in Ventura County and around the world.

She has served many organizations including C.A.A.N (Child Abuse and Neglect), Casa Pacifica, Conejo Valley Substance Abuse Prevention Authority and Child Development Resources of Ventura County, The California State Foster Parent Association, Southern California Mothers of Twins, the Ventura County Wellness Program and the Oxnard and Ventura School Districts.

In April, 2007, Deborah conducted teacher trainings for 8 schools during a 30-day period in 5 states across India.  Deborah conducted 8 parent education workshops in Beijing, China during a 2-week period in February 2008.  She is the past director of Foster & Kinship Care Education at Ventura College and the regional Instructor Trainer for the Redirecting Children’s Behavior curriculum for the International Network For Children and Families. Deborah is a member of and has sat on the board of the Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families.

Debbie is recognized for her humor and compassion while teaching behavior and discipline tools that work at home and in the classroom.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Massage therapy in Mendocino? Tennee Gay, guest.

Massage Therapist extraordinaire Tennee Gay joins Dr. Bunny and her husband, Greg, in Mendocino, California, to discuss the fine art of massage therapy and holistic living. Tennee and her husband, Surya, are a wonderful husband and wife massage duo who work together in Mendocino.  Their business, Radiant Reality, is “rooted in nutrition and holistic wellness”.

Tune in and learn more in this very special and informative interview!

About Tennee Gay:

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and a Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. I have spent the past 17 years working with others in the realm of health and healing and am currently focused on using the tools of holistic nutrition, FDN and Ayurveda to support those that are interested in troubleshooting health imbalances in order to optimize their health and live a vibrant existence! My own life experiences have taught me that health and happiness go hand in hand. In order to advance to a higher level of productivity in life its important to put in place a supportive framework to help you thrive and stay on track. I draw from a framework that utilizes healing foods, lifestyle modifications, herbs and supportive tools to help you eliminate hidden stressors and restore the brilliance that is you!

About Surya Anderson:

My journey on the healing path began unintentionally when I was in my early 20s. As a young man full of health and vigor, I had decided to travel to India and Nepal to backpack and study the origins of Vipassana meditation. During my time sitting vipassana, I sustained a crippling low back injury that turned my health upside down. This injury, coupled with dysentary left me physically broken. Soon after, I found myself in a state of chronic pain, and thus began the quest to regain my health.

Throughout the next month while traveling through central Europe I saw a number of physicians and received a CT scan. The results showed a partial herniation of the L4-L5 disc. The doctor, with whom I received this diagnosis, recommended that if I lay down for couple of weeks on the floor icing my back I would see signs of improvement. This of course was not the case. Eventually I made my way back to the states and I was referred to my fathers chiropractor. Dr. Khalsa wore a white turban, a long beard and had an exotic practise he called Kundalini yoga. He sent me home with a handful of core strengthening exercises and psoas releasing stretches and so began my study of yoga. This introduction into yoga took another 10 years to solidify and make its way fully into my life. However, I am now a certified yoga instructor through the “Yoga Alliance certified school of Yoga for All” and I am committed to sharing and providing resources to help others reclaim their own health and vitality.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. How can I learn to fly a plane? Michael Phillips, guest

Michael Phillips, Pilot and Master Instructor, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss aviation and learning to fly.

A Master Instructor is someone who is accredited as a flight instructor and goes through an accreditation process every two years. Michael shares fascinating information about what it takes to be a Master Flight Instructor, as well as how he added being a ‘multi-engine instructor’ to his portfolio, and the multitude of things that are looked at for the Master Instructor accreditation process every two years.

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly a plane?  Ever wonder what it’s like in a flight simulator? How complex is a flight simulator, and is it really like flying?

Tune in and learn more about the fascinating world of aviation!

About Michael Phillips:

I am a seasoned teaching professional with a passion for aviation and all phases of flight instruction. I have a diverse background personally and professionally which provides me with the ability to work with a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds. I have been a Certified Flight Instructor since 1975 and have had an opportunity to teach in a number of regions of the country which provides me with an understanding and appreciation for weather and challenges that other parts of the United States offer to pilots.I am based on the Southern end of the California Central Coast and call Santa Paula, Camarillo, Oxnard, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo and Monterey my home airports but will travel to work with a pilot at their home airport anywhere in the country for instrument, transition, recurrent and mentor pilot training.

In addition to training in the airplane I am an owner, Chief Flight Instructor and Center Manager for Aviation Instruction Simulator Training Center at the Camarillo Airport. Here we offer affordable and very effective simulator training for all pilots of all skill levels.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Love going to the Dentist? Dr. Curtis Sandahl, guest

Dr. Curtis Sandahl joins Dr. Bunny to discuss dentistry and what he loves about being a dentist.  Having a compassionate dentist, with a caring staff, can make your visit to a dentist’s office a great experience.  Dr. Sandahl shares tips on dental care & tells us about the most rewarding aspects of dentistry.

Some people think it’s going to take huge amounts of money & work to have a nice smile, but Dr. Sandahl knows that many times all it takes is something small to see huge improvements.  Your smile is one of your most important assets!  Call Dr. Sandahl today at (805) 485-5331 and let him show you how easy it can be to have a beautiful smile!

About Dr. Curtis Sandahl:

“As a child, I always enjoyed seeing my family dentist. He seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and I recognized that he was doing something positive for the benefit of others. Today, after more than a quarter-century of practicing family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, I’m glad I had that experience, because it influenced my choice in careers, which I, too, really enjoy.

“My love for dentistry is two-fold: Working with people and doing something good for them. I love the one-on-one interaction, and I think it’s quite clear in how I practice my profession. I take a laid-back, comfortable and caring approach. I work with you directly, and I’m sympathetic to your needs and to the uniqueness of your situation. I’m flexible, direct and honest. And most of all, I’m concerned that I’m doing everything to the best of my ability and to the most appropriate style and degree for your unique needs in my dental clinic.”

DDS: University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Minneapolis, MN
BS: With Distinction, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Awards: Top Doc-LA (2011), America’s Top Dentists (2005, 2006, 2010)
Member: American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society, Ventura County Dental Society, Better Business Bureau

An Experienced Family Dentist & a Cosmetic Dentistry Expert

Practicing family dentistry for more than 25 years, Dr. Curtis Sandahl possesses the family dentist knowledge and cosmetic dentistry skill that only an experienced specialist can provide. A caring, dedicated professional who has been serving Ventura County residents for more than 15 years, he has provided tens of thousands of patients with healthy, attractive smiles and comprehensive dental care.

A Conservative, Compassionate, Personal Approach

Dr. Sandahl is a conservative family dentist with Midwest values. A caring, humble man with a warm and personable demeanor, he offers a range of options with affordability in mind. Dr. Sandahl only recommends care that’s necessary and appropriate, and he believes in preserving your natural teeth, even with teeth straightening. He even helps patients overcome snoring and reduce sleep apnea issues. In short, he is dedicated to helping everyone in your family, from children to grandparents, have a lifetime of healthy, happy, confident smiles.

A Dental Clinic Customized to Your Needs

Our cozy family environment caters to your comfort with open rooms, lovely décor and beautiful views. Dr. Sandahl’s care is personalized to your individual needs… and delivered with dedication and compassion. We listen to you and give you the attention, honesty and respect you deserve. And we will always take the time to ensure that we’re meeting your family dentistry needs and exceeding your cosmetic dentistry expectations.

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