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Garrett Lisi Part 2 – The Pacific Science Institute and what to do when robots take over.


Lisi’s got the ball on this

We had such a huge interview with Garrett Lisi that it had to come in two parts.  In part two, Garrett talks about his Institute, the Pacific Science Institute (PSI) that houses researchers for free in one of the best places this planet has to offer in terms of view, atmosphere, and serenity. Jenny christened it as a co-ed  Monastery for physicists, I seconded.

Besides telling us about Pacific Science Institute,  we also got to dive into the gritty parts of the why the system for physics students, or any branch in education for that matter, is so broken. With Fees and books and housing and cheap loans and scarce jobs it has become a nightmare to get that top education from that top school knowing there is little guarantee that a job will be available just to get out of debt. Garrett shares his experience, as odd as they are,
they have also opened the idea that students of tomorrow don’t have to do the things students of yesterday did.

By having the Arxiv, having the professionals be open to sharing instruction on a wider outreach,
the hopes for making virtual universities with digital texts and online discussions seem more solid
as more data gets shared. And of course, as per Lisi, the robots are all going to take over our jobs anyways.

Get the Real on Real Estate: Finding your Perfect Home with guest Ethan Messecar

Lauren Swigert

Lauren Swigert

  Many people believe that finding the perfect home only happens in dreams or that its almost impossible to achieve. However, Lauren believes not only is it possible but there is even a protocol process to finding your dream home that is easy to follow!
  The most important thing to remember is that when purchasing a new home, with it comes the neighborhood, the shops, the people, and the atmosphere.  In order to achieve that ideal home, there are some tasks the buyer can do narrow down the selection so the realtor has a better idea of what the buyer is looking for. The most important being a non-negotiables list.  This list contains everything that the buyer absolutely will not negotiate in when purchasing the home.  It could be that the home has to be in a certain district, or the home cannot have stairs, or the home cannot be near, or must be near a park.  Any items that the buyer deems “not subject to change” goes on that list.
  This task alone helps immensely for everyone involved and even makes the experience of house shopping fun since the realtor already knows what to filter out before showing you new homes.
Another critical tool is that when the buyer tours the homes, to take notes because often buyers don’t see what they realized was a non-negotiable until they actually visited the home.  Ideally, to make this pleasant and efficient process for everyone, the buyer helps largely by being explicit to the realtor in what they want and what they don’t want.
  A final trick that almost everyone misses is to drive the neighborhood during different hours of the day, and different days of the week.  Act as if you are going to be living there, scope out the shopping centers, find the schools, the gas stations, the parking situations, the evening noise level of the neighbors,  all of this factors in to buying that ideal home.
So, yes! It can be done, and if the buyer invests a little effort, getting that perfect home becomes an enjoyable process for the buyer and the realtor.


Please feel free to send your questions on real estate to Lauren.

For more information on Lauren please feel free to check out Lauren Swigert via following contact info.

Contact Lauren Swigert at (805) 815-1402 or e-mail

Lauren Swigert  BRE License# 01743386, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Science By Number: Garrett Lisi breaks down E8 and how he chose to go his own path

Physicist and Surfer

Physicist and Surfer

We interviewed Garrett Lisi on explaining one of the most abstract concepts circling within the physics community; E8. If you get through E8 the rest is easy, it’s that complex. We figured we could get the scariest stuff done first so the rest would be a breeze. But more than just being able to condense a fantastically complex representation of a Lie group, Lisi offers great insight and advice for what the air is like in the scientific community and how it’s changing, why he chose to surf after graduating at the top of his class (among 42 other graduates), and how he has managed to keep life balanced. We often have the image of the theoretical physicist, coffee in one hand, piece of chalk in the other, writing frantically on the board throughout the night, day in, day out, never leaving the building. Garrett explains (and both Jen and I concur, she does yoga and I run) that going out and exercising, engaging in a sport or activity actually helps the thinking, offers a place to go when the thinking gets stuck, and provides the balance we should often seek in our lives between work, play, and rest.
As far as E8? I’ll do my best to offer online resources and supplemental material along with Garrett’s summery (big breath!) Here is the TED talk on E8 to start you off;

Here is the 1.5 hour long lecture that goes INTO E8 if you are still hungry:


here is Lisi’s personal website with an interactive Particle Explorer (I lost hours playing on that thing)

Deferential Geometry

Elementary Particle Explorer

And as always you can check back on Facebook with either Jenny or Jes and though I will not be able to enlighten you, I can direct you to legitimate sources and humour you along the way.   Happy Learning 🙂

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Science By Number with Jes and Jen – First Podcast



Science By Number with Jes and Jen is now officially up and running! Jen and I introduce ourselves and the show. The core goal behind this project is to bring clarity to fascinating concepts in current science and physics by interviewing an incredible range of professionals from fields in theoretical particle physics to neuroscience to–yes, we will even address consciousness, but in a healthy helping. Though we are both physics students (Jen is grad student while I am an undergrad) we will address our different points of view and perspectives and often turn out to be not too different.

We hope throughout the course of this show to find fun and relevant ways of breaking down complex ideas in science without watering them down to a “cheat” level. Feynman often explained that he had to make sure he wasn’t cheating his audience by using a cheap explanation. Well, Jen and I are going to try and carry that torch. As we introduce different topics we will also be building a forum on facebook to provide materials and resources for those curious to follow up and dig deeper! Topics will range anywhere from common misinterpretations of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to the current activity at the Large Hadron Collider and when it’s time to get excited about new particles.

You can reach either Jenny or I on Facebook through private message for further questions and as we get the blog rolling, we will also announce when it’s live.

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Science By Number – Deepak Chopra and Jen discuss the bizarre Quantum Physics of nonlocality


Jenny Lorraine Nielsen and I (Jes Scott), are herding together our guests of physicists and other scientists to bring quality information with a flavor of wit and quirkiness on whats hot in today’s physics world (and other scientific fields).
In the mean time, may I please present Jenny Lorraine Nielsen (Jen) in an interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra on the bizarre features of space-time and non-locality and what that means for those of us who aren’t scientists.

Chopra and Nielsen have co-authored and published recently in the San Francisco Chronicle…/How-to-See-the-Whole-Universe-Nonlo…
and Huffington Post…/how-to-see-the-whole-univ_b…

Chopra is continuing to collaborate with Shane P. Nielsen and further publications are to come!

Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Chopra is the author of more than 80 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His latest books are Super Genes co-authored with Rudolph Tanzi, PhD   and Quantum Healing (Revised and Updated): Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine.

Jennifer Nielsen is a PhD student studying physics and quantum information at the University of Kansas and is adjunct professor of mathematics at Haskell Indian Nations University. She is the recipient of a Foundational Questions Institute (FQXI) award for her paper “Is Bit It?” and is a recipient of the Chambliss Award for Research in Astrophysics, (while Jes is the snarky undergrad math and physics major)


Dr. Bunny

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