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George Musser Jr talks about entanglement with Science By Number

musserWelcome, George Musser, to the show, Science By Number.  We had an AMAZING chat and got some serious concepts pulled apart and hopefully somewhat reassembled.  George came out with a book called “Spooky Action at a Distance” which was what Einstein had christened the strange phenomenon of entanglement.  The idea behind entanglement is that although two particles are being correlated they both have to be seen as ONE thing, one system.  Which makes no sense classically.  But on a quantum level, if we separate two particles, 500 meters apart, and a scientist performs a measurement on, the other particle, instantly is affected by that measurement.  Hence, “Spooky” and “Distance.”   I would’ve opted for Freaky Action at Distance, but that would run the risk of the book getting filed under Adult entertainment…I digress.  The point is well, George explains it much better, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.  I DO recommend getting the book, since he is a contributing editor for Scientific American, rest assured his books are nothing short of brilliant, and I can say this because I read the Idiot’s Guide to String Theory!  And even understood some of it.  Jenny read Spooky Action At a Distance and she couldn’t stop talking about, and it takes a lot to impress Jenny…a lot.  So, below are TONS of links.  links on quantum entanglement, link to buy the book, links on links, wait, what?

I hope you enjoy our conversation with George Musser half as much as we did, and coming up next and near is Ethan Siegel on Inflation, Expansion, Accelerating universe, Big Bang, Dark matter, Dark Energy, etc etc…nothing too heavy.

Quantum Weirdness Now a Matter of Time


George Musser

George Musser’s Amazon page to buy all his books


Get the Real on Real Estate with Lauren Swigert – The Current Real Estate Market


Percent of millennials living at home is finally starting to go down as of 2012

Join Lauren Swigert as she describes the interesting dynamics of the millennial demographics aka “failure to launch” generation.  A lot of different factors contribute to the market and these factors include interest rates, recessions, and employment rate.  Because millennials came in right at the recessions at the age of when they ideally should’ve been moving out of the family home, they got compromised on two levels; a recession, and almost no job opportunities for college graduates.    Without the means to afford a house, many millennials resorted to staying home in their mid to late 20’s instead of moving out and being independent.

Lauren even shares about a Berkeley graduate in economics who ended up with a job at Starbucks and couldn’t move out of the house until he was 30!  Unfortunately, because the job market was so skim the options available for millennials were also slim.

Now that the economy is picking up, interest rates are below 4% and now its a good time to start hitting the market with purchasing property and investment.  More options are opening up for the millennial generation after a seemingly long drought.  So things are looking up!

Here is a link to the current data on 18-34 year old range of just starting to leave the house (because who doesn’t love data!)

Please feel free to send YOUR questions on real estate to Lauren.

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Science By Number – Jen explains Quantum Mechanics to Jes

hqdefaultI (jes) often engage in physics discussions on Facebook where inevitably the topic of the quantum particle arises.  And that is when the really creative people come out.   It really puzzled me that every person had a completely different definition of just what Quantum mechanics is. So i went to Jen, she is a grad student, she should know, and I asked her.   And we both shared the same frustration with the misconceptions that evolve from not understanding the results of the experiments done in Quantum Mechanics.

There are 3 very important ones and all three need to be assessed to get the holistic image that the quantum particle entails.

The Double Slit, The Delay Choice, and test for simultaneity vs acausality.  (the funnest one!)

These three work in combined illustration through proof about the state of the quantum particle.  The best part about Quantum Mechanics?  Nonlocality and Acausality.  Basically…Spacetime?  split off and take a hike.  Cause and effect, first this then that goes out the window.  and Space? becomes some sort of general everywhere yet nowhere kind of feeling.  Infinite extension of space if you will…space and time bail out in any kind of classical meaningful reference that we could possibly conjure.  There may even be the bizarre speculation that Time may not be what we perceive it to be….Who knows. We will have Scientific American Writer, George Musser explain the wonderful properties of entanglement next week along with the book he wrote that i STILL need to order, sigh, called “Spooky Action at a Distance”  So enjoy and stay tuned for a refreshing analysis on entanglement with Jes and Jen and Musser .  Science On.


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Michael A. Morrison. Understanding Quantum Physics: A User’s Manual.
David J. Griffiths. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

Eleanor G. Rieffel. Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction.
Greg Jaeger. Quantum Information: An Overview.

Uncertainty from Wave Particle Duality – Nature
Delayed Choice Experiment with an Atom

Get the Real on Real Estate with Lauren Swigert – FAQ on Finding the Perfect Home

Lauren_banner_croppedLauren Swigert answers frequently asked questions for her listeners.  It’s common for people who go from open house to open house to get overwhelmed without being able to decide which is the right fit.  The first thing Lauren Swigert stresses is to get a realtor, even if you know exactly what you want, there are a lot of things involved in the process of the transaction that the realtor helps mediate smoothly.  The realtor may also be able to introduce alternatives that weren’t previously considered.  Most important they help keep the client protected throughout the whole process, and give them the best experience they can get in searching for a home.

The next most important task is getting the list of non-negotiables and prioritizing the items on the list!  Sometimes you can’t get everything that you want…  Lauren Swigert talks about compromising and stresses that as a buyer, learning what is most important to you for your home helps everyone involved by leaps and bounds.  Organize your list so you have a solid idea of what you are willing to compromise on if its impossible for all of the demands to be met.

As a bottom line it really comes down to the buyer doing all of his homework which includes non-negotiables, prioritizing non-negotiables, driving the neighborhood at different days and times, checking out the local stores and businesses, and getting and idea of the atmosphere of the neighborhood and what it would be like to live there.  If all of this can be done, the process becomes more enjoyable and runs more smoothly for everyone.

Please feel free to send YOUR questions on real estate to Lauren.

For more information on Lauren Swigert please feel free to check out Lauren Swigert via following contact info.

Contact Lauren Swigert at (805) 815-1402 or e-mail

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Garrett Lisi Part 2 – The Pacific Science Institute and what to do when robots take over.


Lisi’s got the ball on this

We had such a huge interview with Garrett Lisi that it had to come in two parts.  In part two, Garrett talks about his Institute, the Pacific Science Institute (PSI) that houses researchers for free in one of the best places this planet has to offer in terms of view, atmosphere, and serenity. Jenny christened it as a co-ed  Monastery for physicists, I seconded.

Besides telling us about Pacific Science Institute,  we also got to dive into the gritty parts of the why the system for physics students, or any branch in education for that matter, is so broken. With Fees and books and housing and cheap loans and scarce jobs it has become a nightmare to get that top education from that top school knowing there is little guarantee that a job will be available just to get out of debt. Garrett shares his experience, as odd as they are,
they have also opened the idea that students of tomorrow don’t have to do the things students of yesterday did.

By having the Arxiv, having the professionals be open to sharing instruction on a wider outreach,
the hopes for making virtual universities with digital texts and online discussions seem more solid
as more data gets shared. And of course, as per Lisi, the robots are all going to take over our jobs anyways.

Dr. Bunny

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