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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 191

Lisa Toth   I have a new kindle. It doesn’t have usb ports. It does have a micro sd card. I would like to load a couple of PDF

eBooks to it that I did not get from amazon.  These books are currently on my Surface.  In the same vein, I have CD’s I’d like to play on my Surface but it does not have ports for CD or DVD.  Can I get an external player to plug into my hub? If so what do you recommend?

Fred Krueger    I have found that I need a separate login and password for 5g and 2g. Why is that?

Fred Krueger   I get a lot of advertising e-mails from a site called Flip sweet. I scrolled down to bottom of the page and see it is from a site in Bucharest, Romania. Do by any chance know anything about this site.

Harry Altman   I turn on my laptop and Microsoft Teams pop up. How do I delete Microsoft Teams pop up?

Tony Pizza   I used Zoom for a meeting. After the meeting, in my email I had one with an attached mp4 video (from a trusted source). When I opened with TWINUI, had sound, no video. Tried another mp4, same thing. Tried Windows Media Player, same thing. Opened Zoom, turned off video, closed Zoom, no change. Did a restart and all was well. Just a glitch, or is it to be expected? Have others seen this?

Fred Krueger   How do I keep my e-mail page from going to the bottom of the list when I delete 8 or 10 e-mails at once?

News Item:  Microsoft Edge is becoming a good browser

News Item:  WI-Fi 6E becomes official — the FCC will vote on rules this month

News Item:  IRS Warns of Surge in Economic Stimulus Payment Scams

News Item:  How to Use Windows 10 to Stay Focused While Working From Home

News Item:  Google knows if everyone is actually staying home or not

News Item:  DOJ Says Zoom-Bombing is Illegal, Could Lead to Jail Time

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 190

Lisa Toth   Will the next online meeting be via Webex?

Tony Pizza   Should you turn off wireless and bluetooth mice when not in use, or just leave them on?

News Item:  Zoom app tracks you

News Item:  FTC Warns VoIP Providers to Stop Facilitating Coronavirus Scams

News Item:  Phishing Attack Says You’re Exposed to Coronavirus, Spreads Malware

News Item:  Saudi spies tracked phones using flaws the FCC failed to fix for years

News Item:  Unpatched iOS Bug Blocks VPNs From Encrypting All Traffic


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 189

Lisa Toth   Two displays: display #2 is not fully filled. There is about 3″ of black space on each side.  Also there is a selection in display settings for “extend these displays”. What does that mean?

Lisa Toth   Some sites I like to visit are “unavailable right now.”  Anyone having that issue?

Fred Krueger   I did not know the purpose of the extra copies of the TOE were for spreading the word about DIPSUG until reading the article by Bob Dinsmore.

News Item:  IRS extends the tax deadline until July 15

News Item:  US Health and Human Services targeted by DDoS

News Item:  Online face mask sales scams, 400% uptick of coronavirus phishing reports

News Item:  Emergency Surveillance During COVID-19 Crisis

News Item:  Coronavirus makes Money Mule more money mules

News Item:  Apple Donates Millions of Masks to Healthcare Pros in America and Europe

News Item:  CDC Launches Coronavirus Self-Checker Chatbot With the Help of Microsoft

News Item:  ‘Netflix Party’: a New Chrome Extension Adds Chat Panes to Movies

News Item:  Check out for help with boredom

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 188

Lisa Toth    I have a Surface Pro 7.  Every time I boot up some of my settings have changed. For example, I am using a second display instead  the Surface screen.  I have told it in settings that display 2 should be the only one. I have saved the setting but every time I reboot or turn on the computer both displays are on.

Tony Pizza   Why do posts disappear on Facebook?

Lisa Toth   In Outlook, whenever I roll over a picture in an email, it shows me the link attached to the picture.  I don’t want to see this. I am sure it is a setting but I have not found it.

News Item:   Walmart, CVS, Target, and Walgreens have announced that they will be volunteering a portion of their parking lots to be set up as drive-through Coronavirus testing sites.

News Item:   Google Creating a Nationwide Coronavirus Information Site, What We Know

News Item:   COVID-19 Testing Center Hit By Cyberattack

News Item:   Europol Dismantles SIM Swap Criminal Groups That Stole Millions

News Item:   Office 365 ATP To Block Email Domains That Fail Authentication

News Item:   Google Chrome Gets ‘Default to Guest’ Mode for Stateless Browsing

News Item:   Firefox 74 Released: Security Fixes, Improvements, and Fixes

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 187

Andy Toth   I have a surface pro 7. It has a display defect and will be returned. How do I wipe my information from the hard drive and leave the OS intact?  Can I wipe the entire drive and reinstall the original OS?  Where do I find the original OS?

Gregory Wilson   I picked a complex password, but a hacker still got in. How do I prevent brute force RDP server hack?

Tony Pizza   Using amazon Echo, I often listen to a radio station in New York, CBS-FM. Sometimes I hear commercials for things in California, like Universal Studios, even the CHP, and others. Are they targeted to my IP address?

News Item:   T-Mobile Data Breach Exposes Customer’s Personal and Financial Info

News Item:   Carnival Cruise Line Operator Discloses Potential Data Breach

News Item:  Microsoft Reveals a New Design for the Windows 10 Start Menu

News Item:   Ransomware Attackers Use Your Cloud Backups Against You

News Item:   US anti-child-abuse EARN IT Act is a backdoor to end end-to-end encryption

News Item:   Microsoft, Google Offer Free Remote Work Tools Due to Coronavirus

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