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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 224

From the Meeting:  What is a NAS drive and do I need one?

From the Meeting:  What are options for USB for laptops?

From the Meeting:  How should I back up photos?

News Item:    Google Pay relaunch transforms it into a full-fledged financial service

News Item:    Microsoft Teams takes on Zoom with free all-day video calling on the web

News Item:    GitHub reinstates YouTube-dl, promises to overhaul DMCA reviews

News Item:    Apple drops its cut of App Store revenues from 30% to 15% for some developers

News Item:    S&P 500 adds Tesla, sending stock price soaring

News Item:    Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to leave Pakistan over censorship law

News Item:    OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 223

Lisa Toth   This morning I discovered the star on the right side of the URL cell when on the internet.  ( cannot remember

the name at all!). I saved a couple of sites to it.  So my question is:  How do I find the favorites I have saved?

Vic Johnson   What’s this “Wi-Fi over power”?

Lisa Toth   I was perusing a Costco ad and got to the computer and tablet section.  I noticed there were also a few towers for

sale.  That surprised me but it is possible to personalize them with added hardware.  Suddenly I thought: “Will there come a time that the add on hardware boards etc. will just be apps?”

News Item:    Malwarebytes is kicking Windows printers offline

News Item:    Microsoft is investigating undeletable emails

News Item:    Scammers impersonating the IRS threaten victims with legal action

News Item:    Your Computer Isn’t Yours

News Item:    Six Reasons Why Google Maps Is the Creepiest App On Your Phone

News Item:    Microsoft warns against SMS, voice calls for multi-factor authentication: Try something that can’t be SIM swapped

News Item:    The Security Failures of Online Exam Proctoring




Q&A with CIPCUG Session 222

Lisa Toth   Every time I try to log into a Microsoft account my password doesn’t work.  I end up creating a new password and using my current code.  In Password I have a couple of versions of Microsoft passwords.  My Skype username is my phone number. So

now I can get into Skype. I’m relieved about that but, next time I need to log into one of the

other accounts like MS Edge?

Nancy Ambrose   I cannot print from Windows 10. I go to windows 7.  Windows 10 does not recognize my printer and seems not to activate the default button.  Is there a way to keep windows 7 safe?

Ed Lynch   Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections. Check the proxy settings to make sure tha

t they are correct. Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.

News Item:    Windows 10 20H2 LSASS crash issue causes forced reboot

News Item:    Windows 7 won’t die, still second most popular operating system

News Item:    Microsoft: Windows 10 1809 reaches end of service next week

News Item:    QBot phishing lures victims using US election interference emails

News Item:    Amazon reviews: 42% may be fake, independent monitor says.

News Item:    Privacy-focused Brave browser grew over 130% in the past year

News Item:    The feds just seized Silk Road’s $1 billion stash of bitcoin

News Item:    Debt collectors will soon be allowed to reach you by text or on Facebook


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 221

Tony Pizza   I was offered the 20H2 update, so installed it today, 11/1. The system info showed installed 5/31/2020. Is it

properly installed?

News Item:    Microsoft begins to finally kill off Internet Explorer

News Item:    FTC receives almost 2 million robocall complaints in nine months

News Item:    Therapy patients blackmailed for cash after clinic data breach

News Item:    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman got served a lawsuit via WhatsApp

News Item:    Mac users unable to print after Apple revoked HP certificate

News Item:    Microsoft plans big Windows 10 UI refresh in 2021 codenamed ‘Sun Valley’

News Item:    Elon Musk’s SpaceX will ‘make its own laws on Mars’

News Item:    The Only Man to Be Buried on the Moon

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 220

Lisa Toth   I seem to remember that at one time, data was transmitted over the internet in packet

s of info.  How many packets depended on how much data was being transmitted at a time.  Is that still true? If dialup is being used how is the data translated into the packets.

News Item:    Quibi streaming service shutting down after less than 1 year

News Item:    Global Privacy Control

News Item:    Towards a next generation cloud for Europe

News Item:    Schrems II – what next for data transfers?

News Item:    APD Homicide Detectives, use Crime Stoppers Tips and Drone Technology to Arrest Suspect in Murder of Thomas Jefferson Byrd

News Item:    What we know about the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google so far

News Item:    Microsoft’s new data center in a box will use SpaceX Starlink broadband

News Item:    Windows 20H2 out — for some

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