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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 198

Lisa Toth   Is there a way to find out just what sites I’ve subscribed to over the years?

Several Questions:   How to speed up computer

News Item:  General Warning:  Attacks are up all over.

News Item:  Office 365 phishing uses Supreme Court theme and working CAPTCHA

News Item:  U.S. Secret Service: “Massive Fraud” Against State Unemployment Insurance Programs

News Item:  Automation will even put tech jobs in jeopardy

News Item:  Police see uptick in speeding, fatal crashes amid pandemic

News Item:  Microsoft Open-Sources GW-BASIC

News Item:  SpaceX is ‘go’ to launch NASA astronauts on Crew Dragon spaceship

News Item:  Microsoft’s PowerToys gets two new features on Windows 10

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 197

Lisa Toth   CIPCUG Treasurer (and husband) Andy Toth had knee replacement surgery this morning. I haven’t gotten to talk to him yet but the doc says all went well.

Fred Krueger   Will password keepers work when using Roku TV? I seem to be having a problem getting the channels I want. I am asked to go to my computer and enter a code, most of the time it works, but many times it does not work. I enter the code and get back to the TV and get a message that something is not correct.

Fred Krueger   I will be reading an article or in my bank statement and click on a link or reference and the window for the reference will be half off the screen and sometimes completely off the screen and I cannot move the page to see it, the screen is locked and I have to completely get out of the website to get my screen moving again.

News Item:  Zoom global outage preventing meetings, video, and audio

News Item:  What’s new in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2.0, coming soon

News Item:  Hacker selling 550 million stolen user records on hacking forum

News Item:  Zerodium announced that it’s no longer buying certain types of iOS exploits due to surplus

News Item:  Supercomputers Breached Across Europe To Mine Cryptocurrency

News Item:  A well-organized Nigerian crime ring is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis by committing large-scale fraud against multiple state unemployment insurance programs,

News Item:  More Balkanization of Internet

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 196

Rosalie Sherbrooke   Any comments/input from anyone in CIPCUG who has used Brave?

Lisa Toth   I want to make outlook the default mail used when I click on something to mail.  I tried to send a file from file explorer to myself and it opens Thunderbird. How can I change this?

Fred Krueger   How do I find out who runs a web page or who the webmaster is for a website, such as

K Edward Lynch   Why does task manager show multiple instances of a browser when it’s running? Brave has 27 at the moment. Firefox has 6

Lisa Toth   I asked recently how to move books I didn’t buy on Amazon to my new Kindle fire.

Tony Pizza   What is the YouTube url “”?

Andy Toth    3 Questions:

1.  I’ve installed win10 from an ISO on a wiped computer and now I am completing the setup process. It, pretty much, is forcing me to create a pin. I finished connecting to my local network by typing in the pass code via the keyboard.  Problem: The keyboard is not responding. I type but no characters (dots) appear in the ‘PIN’ text box with the cursor. What do I do?

2.  During the final setup process after installing win10 from an ISO, I was forced to sign in with a Microsoft (MS) account. While setting up the new computer I will still be using the old computer. What unforeseen problems will this cause me?

3.  I’ve been working from home for over a month. I login with my work computer and connect to the company network via a VPN application. I have had a problem keeping my home network interconnected. I had tech out who got it working. It’s no longer working. I discovered that my companies VPN program, allows me to work from home but changes my network connection to public and removes all shares on my network. Is there any software available that would allow me to protect my home network from this attack?

News Item:  France is using AI to check whether people are wearing masks

News Item:  47% said they wanted to work more from home after COVID-19

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 195

Fred Krueger   Add blocker has gotten more aggressive and is messing up entire web page. Toby is correct, everyone will have to start paying for what they want to access on the web. What does Cipsug charge for mail service?

Lisa Toth   I keep getting posts of videos and links on messenger that look like they are coming from someone I know. Not the same person every time.   I am reluctant to follow the links or click on the videos.

Fred Krueger   I have been seeing a promotion for the Android super box, looks real good but

HAS A PRICE TAG OF $299. Does anyone have any knowledge of this item?

Lisa Toth   I have a very hard time with headphones, do to TMJ. The earpiece sitting around my ear makes the joint hurt. Even very soft ear covering sets hurt eventually.   I have tried ear buds but not expensive ones.

News Item:  Dogs in trials to sniff out coronavirus

News Item:  Open-source ventilator that can be built with $400 in readily available parts

News Item:  OpenAI’s Jukebox AI produces words and  music in any style from scratch

News Item:  COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Are Useless

News Item:  Australian contact-tracing app leaks important info

News Item:  UK snubs Apple-Google coronavirus app rolls their own

News Item:  Bank Phone Scam Out

News Item:  Digital scale maker finds its customers are maintaining weight during lockdown

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