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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 244

No Questions:

News Item:   Amazon Explored Opening Home Goods, Electronics Discount Stores

News Item:   Pets’ names used as passwords by millions

News Item:   FBI arrests man for plan to kill “70% of Internet” in AWS bomb attack

News Item:   Drought in Taiwan Pits Chip Makers Against Farmers

News Item:   Fintech is an ‘enormous competitive’ threat to banks

News Item:   Facebook hopes tiny labels on posts will stop users confusing satire with reality

News Item:   Court rules grocery store’s inaccessible website isn’t an ADA violation

News Item:   Supreme Court rules API copying is fair use

News Item:   Neuralink posts video of a monkey playing Pong with its mind


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 243

Fred Krueger:   There seem to be a lot of financial advisers trying to sell fear. They all write adviser letters and want you to sign up for a price. From what you said recently, I am guessing that everyone that is receiving some sort of remuneration for advice is required to be registered or licensed by or with the SEC. Is that correct?

Tony Pizza:   Sometimes after a startup, if I use my browser or Word, things hang up and I see “Not Responsive”. After a minute it goes away, but may repeat. Then everything works OK. My PC only has 4 GB ram, but once it gets past the delays, it works fine even with multiple apps and web pages open. What’s it doing, I don’t see any major use on Task Manager? Defender? Update?

Auto Accident

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News Item:   US pedestrian deaths rose sharply in the first half of 2020

News Item:   TSMC cancels chip price cuts and promises $100bn investment surge

News Item:   A billion for every chip-maker who ‘makes in India,’ sources say

News Item:   Myanmar orders wireless internet shutdown until further notice: telecoms sources

News Item:   Microsoft shuts down Cortana on iOS and Android

News Item:   Intel accused of wiretapping because it uses analytics to track keystrokes, mouse movements on its websit

News Item:   Supreme Court’s pro-Facebook ruling could unleash “flood” of robocalls

News Item:   RAM is already expensive, but prices will continue to rise in the coming months

News Item:   Samsung’s 512GB DDR5 module is a showcase for the future of RAM


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 242

Jerry Crocker:   Has anyone tried Vertical Tabs?

News Item:   Fab fires and drought threaten to make chip shortages worse

News Item:   GameStop (the stock) and GameStop (the retailer) continue to be worlds apart

News Item:   Robinhood aims to allow users to buy into IPOs

News Item:   Congress questioned Big Tech CEOs for 5 hours without getting any good answers

News Item:   Europe is starting to freak out about the launch dominance of SpaceX

News Item:   Venezuela calls Facebook suspension of Maduro ‘digital totalitarianism’

News Item:   A new Android spyware masquerades as a ‘system update’

News Item:   Determining Key Shape from Sound

News Item:   Windows 95 Easter egg discovered after being hidden for 25 years



Q&A with CIPCUG Session 241

Lisa Toth   I am having a problem with someone who appears to have created a list of people in the area code 805 and the

first 3 numbers of phone numbers beginning with 717. I get texts as part of this group. Today I’ve gotten more than 20 of these texts in a few minutes.  I cannot block the numbers.  I am stymied.  How do I stop this?

News Item:   Windows 10 21H1 is almost here, released to enterprise for testing

News Item:   Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have recovered from a major outage

News Item:   FCC fines two Texas telemarketers $225 million for making 1 billion robocalls

News Item:   Twitter asks: when should we cut off rule-breaking world leaders?

News Item:   Google’s privacy push draws U.S. antitrust scrutiny

News Item:   Wikipedia Is Finally Asking Big Tech to Pay Up

News Item:   Biden administration to launch cyber attacks on Russia as feud with Putin escalates

News Item:   What is Going on With the AstraZeneca/Oxford Vaccine?


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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 240

Lisa Toth:   What are NFTs and who’s cashing in on them?

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

News Item:   Smart Speakers Like the Nest and Echo Could One Day Be Contactless Heart Monitors

News Item:   SpaceX plans to beam its Starlink internet to vehicles, not just homes

News Item:   Chinese state hackers target Linux systems with new malware

News Item:   Europol ‘unlocks’ encrypted Sky ECC chat service to make arrests

News Item:   Myanmar’s first satellite held by Japan on space station after coup

News Item:   Russia, after Twitter slowdown, accuses U.S. of using IT to engage in unfair competition

News Item:   Big Tech is facing regulatory threats from Australia to Arizona

News Item:   Scientists unlock mysteries of world’s oldest ‘computer’


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