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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 132

Don’t use Internet Explorer

Fred Krueger   Do you think the people that had money in the bitcoin locker managed by the guy that died, who had the only access to the account, recently will ever recover their money?

Lisa Toth   I am having trouble with OneNote 2016. It looks a lot different than the old one. However, I don’t know where stuff goes when I send it to OneNote. I used to use my print function to send pdfs to specific notebooks but I no longer get an option for choosing a notebook plus when I go to OneNote I can’t find the pdf.

Fred Krueger   Why do you think someone in Congress wants to investigate all foreign based VPN’s

Fred Krueger   Last week I mentioned that the wife’s computer was not updating. Today I saw an article in Zdnet that Microsoft had the problem solved, so I checked her computer an lo and behold, there it was windows version 1809. It downloaded and installed, no problem. Then I did the updates for 1809. looking good

Bill Hinds   How can I fix pdf attachments so they are printable or so I can copy portions of the text?

News Item:   Facebook Messenger users: You now have 10 minutes to unsend a message

News Item:   Microsoft Now Allows Skype Users to Blur the Background on Video Calls

News Item:   Microsoft cybersecurity expert: Please, stop using Internet Explorer as a web browser

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 131

trustworthy e exchanges

Fred Krueger   Still waiting for windows version 1809 on the wife’s computer. It keeps updating version 1803.

Sue Nethercott   Facebook Moves to Block Ad Transparency Tools — Including Ours

Fred Krueger   Can I use a firestick on a non-smart TV? Have connection with spectrum but not the cable box that you have to rent. And that reminds me that the US government was supposed to make it possible for people to buy the cable boxes and not be having to pay the cable companies for access to content. What happened to that one?

News Item:   Microsoft 365 Suffers Massive Two Day Outage, Outlook and Exchange Down

News Item:   YouTube to Stop Recommending Conspiracy Theory Videos

News Item:   A cryptocurrency exchange in Canada has lost control of at least $137 million of its customers’ assets following the sudden death of its founder, who was the only person known to have access to the offline wallet that stored the digital coins.

News Item:   A cryptocurrency exchange in Canada has lost control of at least $137 million of its customers’ assets following the sudden death of its founder, who was the only person known to have access to the offline wallet that stored the digital coins.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 130

5G is rolling out but for VIP

Tony Pizza   A friend said he keeps getting a message to update Supremo when he boots up. It appears that Supremo allows remote control of a computer, apparently for maintenance. He’s had the computer a while ago at VC Computer. Is Supremo something from VC Computers?

Lisa Toth   GodMod: What Is It

Jerry Crocker   Had asked about 5G, in Podcast 129

News Item:   Windows 10 to grab 7GB of your storage so big updates don’t fail

News Item:   Sextortion Spammers

News Item:   GDPR Behind 42K Data Breach Notifications, 255 Investigations

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 129

Samsung folding phone demo

Fred Krueger   Would it be possible to have a cell phone without having to have it hooked to a provider. And how would you get a usable number for that phone?

Jerry Crocker   5G hype? Any good?

John Norbutas   Sometimes when I’m on the internet at a web page and I click on a link, I go directly there. Other times, I get a new tab opened. And occasionally, I get another browser page loaded. I like two browser pages open because I can split screen them. Is there a way that I can control which happens?

Jerry Crocker   Samsung foldable demo-phone? What is it?

News Item:   John Weigle:   Inept government officials do it again.

News Item:

News Item:   Dutch Surgeon Wins Landmark ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Case

News Item:   Free VPN Risk Index: Android Apps

News Item:   Amazon, Apple, Others Hit with GDPR Complaints, €18.8B Maximum Penalties

News Item:   Google hit with $50m GDPR fine over ads

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 128

Windows 7 Share gets patched

Andy Toth   If the drive my OneDrive folder is in crashes, are the files in the cloud left intact?

Lisa Toth   You told me about the cntrl-scroll button to enlarge things. This works pretty well except when I want to make things the normal size again sometimes the pictures get smaller and the print becomes minuscule!

John Weigle   I have Publisher 2013 and Publisher from Office 365. I have a file that can be opened by only one of them.

Andy Toth   I’ve moved from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Thunderbird EML files are not readily importable to Outlook (eml vs. pst formats).

News Item:   US Carriers Promise Again to Stop Selling Customer Location Data

News Item:   Microsoft Releases Update to Fix Windows 7 Share Issues

News Item:   Mozilla to Disable Flash Plugin by Default in Firefox 69

News Item:   Firefox 65 to Show Certificates Used in Man-in-the-Middle SSL Attacks

News Item:   U.S. Government Shutdown Leaves Its Sites with Expired TLS Certificates

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